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Mesua Ferrea Tree Information

One of the evergreen is the Nagkesar tree. The scientific name is Nagkesar botanical – Teacher Ferrea. And in English it is known as Iron-wood, Indian Rose Chestnut, Steel Wood. The Nagkesar plant belongs to the family Calophyllaceae. The wood of this tree is used for many purposes. The strong wood of the Nagkesar tree is very valuable.

Before telling us about the Ayurvedic benefits of Nagkesar, tell us all the details. The height of this medicinal plant can be from 100 to 100 feet (35 to 35 m) or more. As the Nagkesar tree grows, it begins to spread slowly. As he grows older, he is thought to be a shady tree.

You can rest in the shade of this tree in summer. The branches of this tree are strong, scattered all over the tree. The leather is made of Nagkesar wood. It is used in Ayurvedic medicine. The skin is very hard. What tool is used to remove the tree?

The leaves of this tree are dark green, with a white underparts. The leaves of Nagakesar are approximately 1.5 inches wide and 4 to 6 inches long. The shape of this leaf is shown slightly in front. The tree has many leaves. So there is always a shadow under the tree.

Nagkesar Flower Plant

Nagkesar Flower / Mesua Ferrea Flower The color of flowers of Nagkesar is white and yellow, but in some species this red color also blooms. Which are very attractive and beautiful in appearance. The size of these flowers is big, from which a fragrance comes. These flowers have four white petals, in the center of which is a yellow saffron. The benefits of Nagkesar flower are also many. It is also used in Ayurvedic medicines.

The fruit of Nagkesar can also be used for eating, it does not cause any harm. The color of this fruit is green, but when the fruit of Nagkesar is ripe, its color becomes brown. There are seeds inside each of its fruits. The number of seeds is about two to three. The fruits of Nagkesar are ready for ripening in the month of August to September. These fruits are also used in many medicines.

Where is the Nagkesar tree found or where it is found.

The highest yield of Nagkesar trees is in many countries like Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, India, and Myanmar. It is the most commonly grown tree in tropical regions. Apart from this, it is also found grown in the eastern parts of the Himalayas.

Benefits of Nagkesar

Nagkesar is a medicinal plant. Used to cure many ailments. In addition to this, Nagkesar is used as a home remedy. So let us know about some of the benefits of Nagkesar.

If you have diarrhea, your stomach can be treated by taking Nagkesar. If you have diarrhea, take Nagkesar powder to relieve it.

Using Nagkesar is also very helpful for colds and flu. If you have any problem like frostbite, you can apply Nagkesar leaf cement on your head according to the advice of an Ayurvedic doctor. Great for colds and flu.

Hiccups are a problem so if one starts with a lot of hiccups, he will be worried. Hiccups are usually common, but we drink water, and it gets better. But if you have a lot of hiccups, you can use Nagkesar at home. For this, Nagkesar powder and honey should be swallowed together. This provides relief from hiccups. You should always use Nag Kesar under the guidance of an Ayurvedic doctor. Another thing is that there may be problems.

Nagkesar is also great for joint pain. In the old days, the problem of joint pain was less. But in the meantime the problem has grown exponentially. This problem is called arthritis. Nagkesar is very helpful in finding relief from joint problems. For this, Nagkesar seed oil should be used by massaging the painful area in the joints. It is very calm for you.

If the lesion appears anywhere on the body, it will not heal quickly. In these cases, nagkesar oil is very effective. It is very helpful in wound healing.

Nagkesar oil is also very helpful in skin related diseases. It helps to treat itching that occurs in the body.

Nagkesar is also very helpful in relieving stomach upsets. If you have trouble separating yourself, Nagkesar can help. It has properties that strengthen the digestive system. Helps with digestion.

Nagkesar is also very helpful for heart related diseases. It has anti-digestive properties. It prevents the formation of cholesterol. Because there are no heart-related diseases.

As already mentioned, Nagkesar is very helpful for joint pain. But other than that, Nagkesar is also great for back pain. Lots of such products are found inside it, which provide relief from back pain. For this you should massage Nagkesar seed oil in the middle. This will give you relief from back pain.

Many such substances are found inside Nagkesar, which help to get rid of snake bites. When someone comes and bites a snake, nothing is found quickly, the Nagkesar plant is somewhere near the city, so it grinds some leaves and cuts in the area. You can put it there. After this, the doctor should be seen immediately.

Things to keep in mind: Of course, it is safe to use Nagkesar. But here we have mentioned all the advantages and uses of Nagkesar for informational purposes only. Before using or using anything related to Nagkesar, talk to your doctor or Ayurvedic doctor. Another thing is that you may have problems of any kind.

Nagkesar farming information

You need to give a long time to cultivate Nagkesar. Because it does not grow as fast as other big trees. Like the hybrid species of Eucalyptis, there is no hybrid species of Nagkesar. Because of which its growth is completely natural.

Nagkesar tree likes normal climate. If you live in a place where it is very cold, then the Nagkesar tree does not do well in such a condition. You should always plant this tree in a normal climate.

What should be the soil for planting Nagkesar tree? This tree likes loamy soil the most. If you plant the Nagkesar tree in loamy soil, then it grows very well.

How To Take Care Of Nagkesar Tree

  • Nagkesar is very easy to take care of in the same way as other big trees are taken care of.
  • From time to time, manure and water have been added inside the plant.
  • Whenever the soil of the plant starts drying up, water the plant after hoeing it.
  • Never give more water to the Nagkesar tree than necessary. Doing so can damage the roots of the plant.
  • If any kind of insect on the tree is spoiling the leaves, then any insecticidal medicine should be used on the tree.
  • When the branches of the tree start growing, they should be pruned from time to time. This makes the tree grow quickly.

Mesua Ferrea Tree FAQ

How is Nagkesar tree grown?

Nagkesar is grown through seeds, you can collect its seeds from the bottom of the tree. It starts to germinate about 20 to 25 days after sowing the seeds. And in about 2 to 3 months, the Nagkesar plant becomes ready.

Nagkesar is the state tree of which state?

Nagkesar (Iron Wood) is the state tree of the state of Mizoram, India.

What is Nagkesar called in English?

Nagkesar is called Mesua Ferrea in the English language.

What is Nagkesar used for?

Nagkesar is a medicinal tree, which is used in Ayurvedic and herbal medicines.

In which season do nagkesar flowers bloom?

Flowers start blooming on the Nagkesar tree after about four years, the flowers of Nagkesar bloom in the season of April-June and July. And the seeds start coming on them in the month of September. The color of the seeds of Nagkesar is light brown.

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