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Due to advanced technology, our day to day routine has changed, due to which we have many types of health issues, it is very important to have two things for a healthy lifestyle, one is the right food and the other is the right routine, people in today’s time. If you are not able to pay attention to both the things due to your busy schedule, then bssically in this blog we will know what a proper routine should be and what you can do to improve it.

What is a healthy lifestyle, meaning

A healthy lifestyle is a nutritious diet, exercise and a healthy body that leads you to lead a healthy lifestyle. To do this, we need to prepare ourselves a lot of basic rules, such as not eating fast food, increasing the consumption of sugary products, maintaining a good sleep, exercising regularly throughout the day, avoiding anxiety. Etc. because you can only be healthy when you take all of these. There is no need to change them. You can change as you wish but do what you can. Change is the law of nature but better if it occurs in time. Choose the appropriate time for each action.

what is healthy lifestyle promotion day

Healthy Lifestyle Incentive Day is something that encourages people to lead a good lifestyle. That is why a day is set aside for this as well. It can be any day of the month, that is, there is no set day for it, you can specify it at any time. On this day people are being told how you can make changes to your lifestyle, because only change can keep you healthy.

People are increasingly motivated for these things. So that he can improve his lifestyle.

healthy lifestyle routine

Improving your habits can give you a good and healthy life. Because it opens up your body, and you feel refreshed. Which is essential in today’s world because this chased life teaches you everything but it doesn’t teach you to have a good life. Having not enough time for yourself allows you to focus on your lifestyle. So improve it as much as possible, then only your life will be able to live well.

If you pay more attention to exercise time, the right time to eat, the way you stay in your habit, you will soon see the impact on yourself. After that, you feel that we can improve ourselves.

Healthy Lifestyle Healthy Diet

Eat less or not eat foods that are not in the diet. People usually think that they cause fat. It’s just food, which is totally wrong. Food has different needs. Diet is also needed along with regular exercise and yoga for weight loss. But it also means that you are hungry, that is completely wrong. A body that provides a healthy diet is also very important. If you do some exercise but don’t follow a good diet, then soon you will begin to feel weak and other problems will begin. The disease does not penetrate any body through speech, but we accept what we do with our body. If you eat rusty food, after a while the body will also make you nauseous from the outside. By following a healthy diet, you will be healthy in all areas of your life. You have the power to fight the greatest disease.

Healthy Lifestyle Daily Diet Chart

Time diet
between 6-8 in the morning tea and 2 biscuits
between 9-10 Breakfast
1-2 Beach Lunch
between 4-5 tea and light snacks
between 7-8 Dinner
10 pm If you are hungry you can eat fruits

Important rules of healthy lifestyle

eating a healthy diet

A balanced diet is most important for a healthy life. If you follow the advice of doctors, then a balanced diet should be consumed at least thrice a day. that will keep you nourished. Keep the food light at night so that you can sleep easily. Include mostly green vegetables, fruits and whole grains in your diet, this will complete the amount of protein in your body.

have a good sleep

If you want to keep yourself healthy, then get enough sleep. Many studies have revealed that not getting enough sleep can lead to diseases like heart disease and obesity. Therefore, you must take proper sleep.

avoid drinking coffee

Drink as little coffee as possible because coffee can disturb your sleep as well as make you feel unwell. So drink as little coffee as you can.

stay away from stress

Stress is very harmful for you. Being under stress everyday will not only increase the weight but you will also become a victim of many diseases. That’s why you have to understand that which thing you give more importance in your life. For this, you exercise, so that you can get rid of this problem.

let go of negative thinking stay positive

The day you leave behind the negative things happening around you, you will feel yourself healthy. Because with this you will see a relaxed atmosphere everywhere.

getting up every day to exercise

Get up and exercise daily, this will change your lifestyle a lot and you will feel refreshed. Due to which your routine will also be good.

clean environment healthy lifestyle

You need to maintain cleanliness around you, it is very important for a healthy lifestyle, because if you keep cleanliness around you, it will keep the environment clean, and if the environment is clean then you will be healthy. Therefore it is extremely necessary.

importance of healthy lifestyle

Our elders often tell us to sleep on time, eat nutritious food and wake up on time every day. Instead of traveling in a car and two wheeler, he used to advise us to walk. However, we used to follow unhealthy routine by denying their words, which had the biggest impact on our health. But today it seems that whatever he suggested was correct. It is very important to follow these rules for a healthy lifestyle. The need to turn to healthy habits is getting a lot of attention these days.

benefits of healthy lifestyle

Let us tell you that following a healthy lifestyle has the following benefits:-

  • It makes you more organized and fitter.
  • It keeps you physically and mentally healthy and keeps you away from all diseases.
  • This is an easy and good way to stay stress free.
  • It provides positive energy.
  • It brings our family closer to us.
  • Avoids indulging in unhealthy activities like smoking, drinking alcohol, junk food.
  • Also, spending too much time on the TV screen can lead to many serious diseases, it also helps to avoid them.

healthy lifestyle choices

We know that a fast-paced lifestyle cannot last long. If we pay attention to the practice of yoga, then we can improve our health. But we do not give up on our habits, due to which we can never move towards a healthy life. Here we have some options for a healthy lifestyle –

  • Eat healthy, nutritious food that is full of energy.
  • Spend quality time with family and friends
  • To spend some time with yourself, even if you walk peacefully in the garden. So that you may find peace in your heart.
  • Fix your busy life and do the things you can do on your own, don’t take the help of machines.

Healthy Lifestyle Tips 

  • Tips 1 : Make some changes in your everyday life, such as drink more water, 15 glasses of water is necessary throughout the day, out of which make it a habit to drink 10 glasses of water before 7 pm. Take less water during night time.
  • Tip 2 : Whenever you wake up in the morning, drink 1 glass of normal water. 1 glass after fresh lukewarm water Drink a few drops of lemon and drink it, it will strengthen the digestive system as well as increase immunity.
  • Tip 3 : Problems like acidity and constipation are also removed by taking lukewarm water in the morning.
  • Tip 4 : Take 2 biscuits with tea/coffee after 30 mints of luke warm water. Always eat something with tea, it does not cause acidity. Also, do not take more than 2 teas or coffee in a day.
  • Tip 5 : Breakfast is very important in the daily routine, never skip it. You poha in it, Oats You can take any one of Upma, Wheat Flakes, etc., as well as make 1 glass of milk or juice or buttermilk or any seasonal fruit an important part of your breakfast.
  • Tip 6 : Have 1 glass of water 10 mints before your lunch time. In lunch, include more and more salads, curd and vegetables in your food. Try to eat a little less than your hunger like if you eat 4 chapatis then take only 3.
  • Tips 7 : If you can eat jowar chapati then it will be very good. It has less sugar content so it is better than wheat.
  • Tip 8 : Do not drink water in between meals, it worsens digestion. Do not take too much water even immediately after eating, take only 2 sips of water and drink 1 glass of water after 30 mints.
  • Tip 9 : Stay away from cold water from fridge and water cooler. If you want to lose weight as soon as possible, then take luke warm water throughout the day.
  • Tip 10 : Take biscuits with tea or coffee in the evening snack also. Also, take something light like Parmal (Purmura), Bhel, black gram or juice or buttermilk. Due to the evening snack, you will not feel very hungry during the dinner time, due to which you will be able to work in less food.
  • Tip 11 : Take 1 glass of water even 10 mints before dinner, as well as give preference to salad. This improves digestion.
  • Tip 12 : The most damage to a person’s body is caused by dinner. Eating rich food late at night causes many problems. Try to take light food at night. Do not sleep immediately after eating.
  • Tip 13 : Try to have your dinner by 8 pm. If you stay up till late at night, then you can have fruit salad when you feel hungry at night. Due to the habit of eating fast, the food gets digested properly.

You can include all the above mentioned methods in your routine according to the time of your day. All these Healthy Life Style Tips are related to your health, if you bring them in your routine, then you can get away from the problems in future. Just as it is necessary to earn, study, house or food, in the same way health is also important, because if we all remain healthy then only there will be happiness. It is also true that the whole life cannot be lived like this, but 5 days out of 7 days of the week, you can walk according to this routine. At the end of the week, eat whatever you want without any worries, but do not do any dishonesty with yourself in this 5 days.


Q: How to keep your lifestyle healthy?


Ans: If you want to adopt a healthy lifestyle, then many rules have to be followed, that too after the right way you will feel healthy.

Q: What kind of changes in routine can bring about lifestyle improvement?


Ans: If you want to change your lifestyle, then change your routine. Get up in the morning, exercise, have a healthy breakfast, get enough sleep.

Q: What lifestyle changes can be made through the given tips?


Ans: Let go of the worries you live in. So that you can be successful in life. Because stress hollows you out, so be relaxed.

Q: What is the importance of a healthy lifestyle?


Ans: The most important thing is to improve yourself. Therefore, listen to what the elders say and take your life towards a new direction.

Q: What is the most important rule of a healthy lifestyle?


Ans: Take healthy diet, sleep well, do not take tension.

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Blue berries are also known as Neel Badri, these fruits are blue in color and are in round shape, their taste is sour and sweet. Blue berries have many benefits such as high amount of nutrients, the amount of antioxident in it. There is more etc which we are going to talk about in this blog.

Types of blueberries [Types Of Blueberries]

  1. Low bush or low bush blueberry – a small species of blueberry
  2. northern
  3. southern
  4. rabbit eye
  5. Half High or High Bush Blueberry – This is a large species of blueberry.

The fruits of blueberry are clustered, and the shape of its plant is like a slum, it is from 10 centimeters to four meters in height. The shape of its leaves is oval in shape, and can be from 1 to 8 cm long and half to three and a half centimeters in width. The shape of its flowers is like a bowl and the color of the flowers can be white, yellow, red or pink, the size of its fruit is small and round and the taste is sour and sweet. When this fruit is unripe , its color is pale green , then purple , and when ripe it becomes dark black and dark purple in color .

Production of blueberries:

Blueberry is widely grown in North America, Asia and Europe. But with growing demand, Canada and the United States account for 95% of global production. Fresh fruit is juicy, sweet and has many health benefits, and is grown all year round,

The giant olive tree is widely found in North America, but it is cultivated all over the world and there are many varieties available, in the last few years there is a great demand throughout the world, for recognition Over several years, it has started to make it happen at the highest level in the world. Most of it is exported to the United States, with an estimated 240 billion tons per year. Half of this product is sold so that fresh fruit can be eaten, the other half can be frozen, dried, in cans and stored.

Canada is the second largest producer of blueberries, producing low green and green. It is believed that the largest number of blueberries grown in Quebec, Canada, is the largest crop in Canada. Here instead of being used as fresh fruit, it is stored and used.

Poland ranks third in the world for the production of blueberries, producing about 13 thousand tons here every year, and most of its production is exported.

Blueberry is grown in many countries such as Germany, Holland, Mexico, France, Spin, Sweden, New Zealand and so on.

Climate for blueberries production:

It is usually taken out of cold and very cold places. It is usually taken from a humid northern climate. It is also made in cold winters because of the summer and is very light. It needs acidic soils or low pH soils.

But now there are many varieties of blueberries available, which are grown in tropical and subtropical areas and in coastal areas.

Elements found in 100 grams of blueberries (List of elements in 100 grams of blue berries):

Elements Amount Quantity
Calories 57
water 84%
Sugar Sugar 10 g
FiberFiber 2.4 g
Fatfat 0.3 g
Protein Protein 0.7 g
Carbs Curbs 14.5 g

Health Benefits of Blueberries:

To strengthen bones:

Calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, manganese, zinc, vitamin K are found in blueberries. All these elements are helpful in keeping the bone strong, maintaining the structure and maintaining the elasticity of the bone.

Benefits for the skin:

Vitamin C found in it is helpful in making collagen. This is the reason why blueberry prevents wrinkles, which makes a person look young for a long time. Helpful in reducing skin blemishes. prevents acne Is. Reduces blemishes on the face. Apart from this, it reduces the damage caused to the skin by dust pollution, smoking and UV rays. It maintains the freshness of the skin.

Lowering cholesterol:

Fiber and antioxidants are found in blueberries and it helps in lowering cholesterol. This property of blueberries ideal diet makes. The potassium, calcium and magnesium found in it help in reducing blood pressure.

In the treatment of diabetes:

It is rich in fiber, it essential diet for diabetic patient Yes, it lowers the level of sugar in the blood. Blueberry leaves contain anthocyanidins. It runs the process of metabolism smoothly, and works to transport glucose in the body to all parts of the body. This maintains the balance of sugar in the blood. Thus it is extremely beneficial for the diabetic patient.

Helpful in Heart Health:

Blueberries help prevent atherosclerosis, heart attack and stroke. It contains fiber anthocyanin, potassium, folate, vitamin B6 and vitamin C. Fiber and anthocyanin reduce cholesterol, improve blood fat. Vitamin B6 and folate protect blood vessels from damage, leading to the formation of homocysteine, and potassium, which regulates heart muscle function. Heart attack is possible due to blood clots in the veins. Its consumption reduces the chances of heart attack.

For the prevention of cancer:

Blueberries are extremely beneficial for cancer patients, the vitamin C and copper found in anthocyanins and antioxidants found in it have proved to be extremely helpful in preventing and curing dangerous diseases like cancer.

two compounds are found

  1. Pterostilbene: Aids in the prevention of liver cancer and colon
  2. Ellagic acid: Aids in preventing and curing cancer

In brain development (Improve brain function):

The vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients found in blueberries protect the brain cells, maintaining the health of the central nervous system. Berries reduces the problem of very serious diseases like Alzheimer’s to a great extent. It enhances memory, can repair damaged brain cells and neuron tissue.

In losing weight:

It is rich in fiber which maintains digestion and reduces weight. it from the stomach help reduce fat A cup of blueberries contains 15 grams of carbohydrates and 84 calories. Dried and frozen blueberries are also used in food, calories are found in small amounts, and the fiber present in it prevents obesity from increasing, does not allow fat to accumulate on the stomach.

Rich Antioxidants:

The antioxidants along with the phytonutrients and flavonoids present in blueberries are responsible for the free scavenging activity in the body. The group of flavonoids, in particular, anthocyanins, protect the body from all kinds of damage caused by free radicals.

In reducing inflammation:

Elements found in blueberries reduce inflammatory activities, such as arthritis, atherosclerosis, Alzheimer’s and are also helpful in preventing chronic inflammatory diseases.

Increases Digestion Power (Good for digestion):

The fiber found in it relieves constipation, and the vitamins, sodium, copper, fructose and acid present in it help the digestive system to run smoothly. It helps in digestion of food.

For reducing urine infection:

The bacterium that causes urine infection is helpful in preventing it. Blueberries contain a compound of molecules such as a polymer that reduces the growth of this bacteria. This is its antibiotic property. So far this property has been found in only two fruits, the cran berry and the blue berry.

For Eye care:

It has an antioxidant property that is useful in preventing all age-related problems such as cataracts, myopia, hypertropia, dryness and retinal infections. Anthocyanosides are found in it, which increases eye power, and is helpful in reducing eye problems.

In increasing immunity (For immune system):

Antioxidants found in blueberries have the ability to fight diseases. It is helpful in preventing infection, if someone has strong immunity, then he will not have any disease due to cold, fever, chicken pox and countless infections spread by the virus.

It reduces muscle damage:

Blueberry is useful in reducing muscle pain, fatigue. Such pain, which occurs after a lot of hard work, is useful in reducing such pain. And it has the ability to regenerate flesh muscles.

Benefits for hair:

Blueberry helps in hair growth, by applying a mixture of both blueberry juice and olive oil to the roots of the hair. hair long thick and dark Happens.

For Stress Control:

It has anthocyanin properties and is reduce and prevent stress works of. Consuming some amount of blueberries 2 to 3 times a week helps in controlling stress.

To increase memory power (Improve memory power ):

When the age increases, the memory of every person decreases, the element present in the blue berry maintains the memory power even in the increasing age. Those who have the habit of forgetting again and again, they should also consume blueberries.

Uses of blue berries:

It is a very tasty fruit that is eaten. It is sour and sweet in taste, so it can be used as a topping. Foods that are baked can be added to pancakes, salads and many other dishes. Blueberries are stored and stored. Blueberries are kept frozen, they lose their texture when frozen, but the taste remains the same.

Many nutrients are found in it, which is helpful in fighting many diseases, so it should be consumed in sufficient quantity. It is beneficial for health and is full of many miraculous properties. It is beneficial for people of all ages.

Side effect of blue berries:

Dilutes the blood (Blue berries effect on blood):

People suffering from blood disorders should avoid blueberries. The content found in vitamin K thins the blood.


Some people also develop allergic problems, such as itching, swelling and difficulty in breathing.

Salicylate sensitivity:

The amount of salicylates in blueberries is very high, those who are allergic to salicylates cannot tolerate it. They may have problems with vomiting, constipation, diarrhoea, gas, headache.

Too Much fiber bad for health:

The amount of fiber in blueberries is very high. Excess intake may cause abdominal discomfort, bloating, bloating, diarrhea. It can hinder the absorption of nutrients from the intestines and can lead to many health problems. Due to the high amount of fiber, it is advisable not to consume it in excess.

Vitamin K overdose:

Vitamin K is found in abundance in it, a cup of blueberries contains 29 micrograms of vitamin. It strengthens bones, regulates blood, reduces the risk of cancer, but its excess can cause shortness of breath, internal bleeding and many other problems.

Effect of blueberries for pregnant lady:

It is a good diet for pregnant women, but consuming too much of it can be harmful. There are many such compounds in it which are very beneficial for pregnant women, but it is advised to consult a doctor before consuming it. The food taken by a pregnant woman affects her baby, so the diet should be taken only after consulting a doctor.

Fruit is a gift given to man by nature. Every fruit is a treasure of qualities, that is, many miraculous properties are found in it, which are very beneficial for health. Therefore, more and more trees should be planted and nature should be protected.

Every person’s mind is the same, the only difference is that of thinking, a person is very positive about his life, then some people always fall prey to negative thinking, which has many disadvantages, if a person becomes successful in his life. If he wants, it is very important for him to work on his thinking first, only after which he can proceed with his steps.

meaning of positivity, importance

Positivity is a kind of thinking that resides on the heart, mind and mind of a person, there can be no proper definition of this thinking, but if we tell the meaning of positivity here, then it will be such thinking that due to which the mind, heart and mind of any person But no weight will be felt, this thinking cannot be defined but can be felt, if you are in any dilemma and have fallen from many types of ideologies, then only those thoughts will be positive for you which will be positive for you in your mind and heart. Will give peace to the mind.

benefits of positive thinking

In the most difficult times, if a person keeps positive thinking in himself, then he gets many benefits, these benefits can be both psychological and physical.

psychological benefits

Due to positive thinking, the person’s heart and mind remain calm, he remains happy, he remains satisfied, due to which the people around him are also happy with him and such a person is never disappointed, he is not sad.

physical benefits

Mentally, if a person is healthy and happy, that person has no death of any kind, so positive thinking calms a person’s heart and mind, in the same way that it preserves the human body is healthy. .

The right mind is the power, the instrument, what God has given us. Using this we can win the biggest battle. We face many challenges in our lives, no one has a problem, no problems. Everyone has problems, but not everyone looks angry. Even in times of crisis, those who keep their minds fixed on the right things are more likely to fight and succeed. There are 2 types of thoughts in the human mind, good and bad.

Good thoughts come from God, but wrong thoughts are the work of the devil. Believe it or not, but as God exists in this world, so does evil. To bring negative thoughts into your mind, only negative thoughts about you can bring this demonic power. Who would want to date someone who has a negative view of himself and his people? But the devil is like this, he wants the human mind to conform, so he will put everything that is not good for us in our minds.

how to create positive thinking

It is said that only people with positive thinking are successful in life. The thoughts of your mind come in front of everyone through your nature. Everyone likes to be around positive thinkers. For positive thinking, as soon as you wake up in the morning, stand in front of the mirror and follow this process –

  1. smile
  2. today is my day
  3. I know, I am in the best place today.
  4. I know, I’m the winner.
  5. I am responsible for myself.
  6. I can choose my own destiny.
  7. I know I can do this, and I definitely can.
  8. God is always with me.

You are thinking, what will change by doing this, my problem will not be fixed like this. But you have faith and follow this process. It is said that there is a lot of power in words, if you speak positive then it will be the same, because positive rays will come around us. As much as possible, speak positively on your situation.

5 Steps to a Happy Life with Positive Attitude –

1. Believe that happiness is a choice, which you can choose for yourself.
2. Stay away from negative life.
3. Find positive things in every situation.
4. Strengthen the positivity inside you.
5. Share happiness with others.

Some other powerful things for positive thinking –

Think positive –

As long as our thoughts are, we will behave like that, and if we think positively it will be better, and if we think negatively we will think negatively. Everything has two sides, one good and one bad. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Yes, that’s right, but you have to fight in your own battle. Just like a glass full of water, someone will say it is full, someone will say it is empty. The situation is the same, the way you look at it and think is just different.

Play the game – You’re in a very difficult situation in your life, where you can’t see anything good going on. But in this case you need to find a good, good one, take it as a challenge. Even in the worst of times, think about what God’s blessing is, which is happening right now. It may seem strange at first, but it will gradually become your habit.

Change your attitude

Our happiness or sorrow is not related to our troubles, it is decided by the way we look at it. There are many such people in the world, who will be in difficult situation of life, but still they will always keep smiling. And there will be many such people who will have everything, even if they have got the biggest victory of their life, they will still be upset. You have to decide how you see your life.

Limit your complaints –

Don’t complain about anything, don’t be irritable. Do not curse God, or any human being or your luck in a bad situation, rather look at the other side of that situation.

  • For example, if you have lost your job, then you think that the work which was not being completed due to your job till now, you will be able to do that now, you have a lot of time now, for your family. You should also think that God has thought of a better job for you than this, you just have to wait for it.
  • If you get into a fight with someone, the person in front tells you a lot, then you think how much he cares for you. If someone does not care about anyone, then he will not even say anything considering him as his own. This will also give you peace.

Don’t focus on the good

By focusing on our problems, we give them the opportunity to assert their rights in our lives. Notice the problem, try to focus on the other side. By focusing on the problem, you will not be able to change your situation even though it is 1% in anger. This will make a difference in your life and thoughts.

Make a list

Make a list, write down everything that will make you happy, that will give you peace. As soon as you get upset, bad things happen, you pick one thing from that list and you do it. He who finds peace and joy in speech, can keep it high. The first thing I pray for in such a situation is that I spend time alone with God. I listen to music, play with children. Make a list the same way.

Motivate –

Helping a person also brings positivity in us. If someone is upset around you, then encourage him, tell him the good things of life. Apart from this, if someone needs anything, then help him.

always laugh

do the exercise


Listen to good songs, read books as well as read precious words of positive positive.

Talk more and more with positive people, tell them your problems, try to adopt their thinking.

Many times it happens that after listening to positive things, after reading them, we feel good immediately, but as we get busy in our life, forgetting these things and go back to bad thoughts. To avoid this, remember the above mentioned things as much as possible and try to bring them into your life. You should put posters, notes of positive things in your room, on the mirror bathroom door, on the washbasan. These things will be in front of you as soon as you wake up. Due to which the day will start with positivity.

Positive Thoughts Quotes become the mirror of life, sometimes even unknowingly a person makes a mistake at that time. good thought They act as mirrors and introduce reality.

Good thoughts and precious words on positive thinking (Suvichar Positive Thoughts quotes)


    Suvichar 1

    The filth of the mind does not hide from God, so religious rituals are useless.

  • The behavior of a person of lesser status than you is the truth of your life.
  • Those who shy away from talking face to face on controversial issues have four in their mind.
  • The places to live are those where your mind remains at peace.
  • The brightness of the mind is much greater than the brightness of the body.
  • Those who are true lovers are not afraid to bow down, they are afraid of bowing down.
  • True worship is to accept it by making a mistake, but it is foolish to make it a daily habit.
  • Forgiveness is the biggest victory of life.
  • Even a small child can sense the show of love.
  • The discontented cannot find happiness even in heaven.
  • The one who declares his qualities on his own is the greatest demerit.
  • Those who do not accept their mistakes, the hope of improving them is in vain.
  • Human beings are made by religion, it is not the duty of a human being that he can make religion.
  • Religious ostentation takes away from humanity.
  • Those who cut others’ paths often proceed in a circular path.
  • It is believed that sorrow hurts, but it is this which teaches the importance of happiness.

shayari on positive thinking Poem

The answer to every pain is destiny,

O man! don’t you grieve

Because you are the cause of all your sorrows.

If only the karma is controlled,

Cause it’s karma that will decide

The journey of your life.

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In today’s time, people have become very short of time, even to the parents, due to which they are not able to find time to attend their child, after which they send him coaching classes, but even after sending coaching classes, their If children do not pay attention in studies, then the question definitely comes in the mind of parents whether they should send coaching classes to their children or not.

So if you also want to hymn coaching classes to your child, then it is very important for you to take care of some things which we are going to know in this blog, along with this we will know what can be the disadvantages of sending them coaching and what are the benefits.

Is it right or wrong to teach coaching classes to children, what are its disadvantages and advantages

In such a situation, a confusion arises among people whether going to coaching is right or wrong. Should children be sent coaching or schooling alone is enough for them? So in today’s post, we will clear all your questions. Today we will tell you in detail whether it is right or wrong to go to coaching, what are its advantages and disadvantages. If you want to send coaching to your child, then from which class to send and how to choose coaching, we will know about all these in detail.

It is very important to increase the enthusiasm of children, if you want to know how then click here.

Is it right or wrong to teach coaching classes?

First of all the question comes in the mind of parents whether it is right or wrong to give coaching to children. Some people think that going to coaching class makes children smart, while some think it is just a business and it does not help.

Some people think that the student will study in the school itself, what is the need of coaching and some people feel that full attention is given to the children in the coaching class. Let us know what are the advantages and disadvantages of coaching class, so that you will be able to understand about it better.

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Benefits of teaching coaching classes

Individual attention given to children

There are many children in the school and in such a crowd the children have little understanding. In such a situation, personal attention is given to the children in the coaching class. Because of this, the problems related to studies can be easily solved by the children. If the child does not understand something in school, then he can understand his solution when he comes to coaching to note down.

good marks come

If the child is given individual and separate attention, then the child’s level of education will increase and he will start understanding things better. With this he will perform well in the examination and his marks will be good.

Increases confidence

By going to the coaching class, the children remain fully connected with the studies and every problem of theirs is solved, the confidence increases in the children. They realize that they can face all the challenges of the school with a stamina. When their school problems will be solved in coaching and children will be able to understand easily, then it is obvious that the confidence of the children will increase.

Fear of studies and exams ends

When children go to school and they do not understand anything there, the first thing that comes to their mind is that they will go to coaching and understand. When that problem is solved in the coaching class, then the fear of studies and examination ends in the mind of the children, because they have a solution to their every problem.

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Disadvantages of teaching coaching classes

childhood is wasted

In today’s children, the competition to move ahead and the fear of parents of their children to top the class attracts children towards coaching. In such a situation, the trend of coaching class in childhood itself takes away the childhood of the children. Children get away from sports. He spends all his time in school and coaching.

stress level rises

First the child goes to school, after that he stays in coaching, then in homework etc., due to which the pressure starts increasing on him and due to this the child gets stressed. The child is not able to sleep for the time being and due to this the nature also starts getting irritated and the stress level starts increasing.

a waste of time and money

If you know that your children are smart in studies and remember what they were taught in school, then do not send them to coaching classes. This will waste their time and your money too.

Choosing a school for children is very difficult in today’s time, if you are looking for a school for your child, then definitely read this

Which class should I go for coaching?

Firstly, class has nothing to do with coaching. If your child is smart in studies, remembers what he taught in school and catches everything well, then he does not need any coaching. He can bring good marks in the examination only through self study and can perform better.

Now secondly, if you can teach your child till class V, then what is the need of coaching. There are many parents who teach their children at home and their children top the class. If you have knowledge and you have time, then give your time and knowledge to your children. What is the need to waste time and money by sending coaching in vain.

Thirdly, if your children are weak in studies and they do not understand what is taught in school and you do not even have time, then you can send them coaching. But still, it would be better if you manage only a few classes in the beginning because even in very young children, they do not understand anything in coaching.

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How to choose coaching?

Now we have learned about the advantages and disadvantages of coaching, from which class we should send coaching to our children. Now it comes to how to choose coaching. With the changing times and studies, the business of coaching has started growing rapidly.

In today’s time, coaching classes are dominated everywhere in villages, towns and cities. But the biggest thing is to choose good coaching because many coaching institutes do their publicity on a large scale but they do not even have proper classes and teachers do not even come. In such a situation, it is very important to choose a good coaching class. Let us know how to choose a good coaching class.

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Keep these things in mind while choosing coaching

See the quality not the result

First of all, those who promote coaching, exaggerate their results and do promotion in a very better way. Many times the children who are included in the topper list do not belong to that coaching, their name is used just to mislead.

Instead of how many toppers have been taken out by the coaching class, focus on how is the education there, how is the study material, how is the attention given to the children, whether the class is held on time or not. Look at the quality of coaching rather than the result, that is more important.

Take demo before taking admission

Do not rush to take admission, rather study there for a week and see. Even the coaching operator will not refuse you for this. During this, the student will easily understand how is being taught, how is the atmosphere there. Only when the child is completely satisfied, he should be admitted to that coaching class.

Interact with the students who have studied there

Talk to the children who have studied in that coaching because only they can give you the most accurate and accurate information. Ask the child how is the study material there, how it is taught, how is the practical knowledge etc. In this way you will get the right information about coaching and you will also know whether to choose that coaching center or not.

Check Pattern, Syllabus and Regular Performance

The coaching about which you are collecting the knowledge, see what is the pattern of studies, what is the syllabus and whether the regular performance of the children is being seen there or not. It should also be found out from the coaching people that they follow the same set or pattern or bring changes over time.

You have understood very well in this post what are the advantages and disadvantages of coaching class, from which class the children should be sent coaching and how to choose coaching. I hope you liked this post and if you liked this post then share it with your friends and give your views in the comment box.

In today’s time, many such sources of income have become available from which you can easily make money sitting at home, but many people do not believe that the same thing can happen, so through this blog you will get the top 19 ways. I will be told that you will be able to make money sitting at home

2021 how to earn money sitting at home

It is true that to make money, people in small towns have to leave their homes and sometimes it is very difficult for others because without them it is difficult to go home, and they will not leave the people of the house. nor will he take them home or stay without money. In that case, as you make money while sitting at home, this question comes to mind, you can find answers to these questions online, so for you this blog is “How you get to earn money while sitting ”written in Hindi. This blog is specifically for housewives who work from home. I want to help my family financially. And it might be good for women too because if a woman doesn’t live in the house there is no happiness in the house and today there is a need to find a husband and wife too.

This is a big question and my job is to help you, which is why I am telling you simple things about how you can make money sitting at home and all these activities are things that should start with minimal investment.

Build your own website (Start your own website):

If you know how to write and can write good articles then you can easily create your website. Nowadays, there is no need to have a lot of technical knowledge to make a website and the website is made very easily. You can read our article on how to create a website and you can easily create one.

Web Designer:

If you have done engineering but cannot go for job outside home or you have knowledge of web designing and want to do this work then you can do this work even sitting at home. For which you can create your profile as a freelancer on the internet and you can also take complete knowledge of web designing from the internet itself. In this way you can earn money sitting at home.

Application Developer:

If you know how to make applications, then like a freelancer, you also do this work through the Internet, nowadays the demand for Android apps is very high, so you can earn money sitting at home in this too.

Developer :

Many small businessmen who need software or applications for their business but they cannot give much money to big companies, they need a developer, if you know this work, if you want to do this by training for a few days, then sit at home with it. Tax can work like a freelancer.

Content Writer:

If you are interested in writing, then you search on the internet, if your English is good, then you can earn a lot of money, nowadays content writing work is in full swing, people are earning money by writing blogs sitting at home, so you can also make your profile a freelancer. You can put it as a writer. And you can easily earn money sitting at home by writing a blog.

Content Writing Business:

If you want to work like a business man by investing some money and also have the ability, then deep sitting content writing business is very good. You can get complete information about it on the internet itself. After this you can do this work sitting at home.

Online Coaching

Nowadays the method of online teaching is increasing, you can teach the student through online classes, for which you will get proper training from the internet. Find out about this and earn money by teaching online from home.

Tiffin Center:

If you are fond of cooking then this is a very good business in today’s time. This benefits many people with you because a person studies and earns only for the stomach. That’s why they want to eat good tasty food after exhausting the day and if you have those qualities then you can earn yourself by doing this for them. This work can be started on a small scale first, which will not cost you much, you can make some tiffin along with your home food, this will make it easier for you to start the work and increase it slowly.

Cooking classes

If you have good cooking skills, then try and teach it to others, you can start this work at home itself. There is a Shah cooking classes in our neighborhood, she teaches cooking every afternoon and in return from the students. She also takes her dinner along with the fees, so she can taste the food prepared by the students and give them feedback and she does not even have to cook food for the house. Strange to hear but this is a tip Follow it if you like it. But cooking classes are also a good way to earn from home.


If you have the urge to study and teach, then you can teach the children sitting at home, you can keep classes from small to elders, in which there can be college children apart from school or those children who do not go to regular school also. You can teach for less money so that they can also help with you.

English Speaking Classes:

If your English is good and you have the ability to teach, then you can start English spoken classes. You can search the internet about how to teach English. And you can easily prepare notes and teach it to your students.

classes for the elderly

It will sound strange to read but nowadays all the children go outside the house for jobs and the elderly stay at home. In such a situation, nowadays children are connected with their parents through mobile and internet but parents are unable to use things like mobile and laptop. If in such a situation you start such classes, then more elders will benefit from you, for this you can charge by the hour. There will be many such topics in which elders want your help, then you can earn money by doing this work. You will also like to do this work because I have done this work. They are happy, that happiness gives a lot of peace.


You can give solution to people’s problems like any legal advice, right or wrong opinion about property, marriage opinion, business opinion, opinion about investing money There are many things about which you You can help people by taking knowledge. You can also give it to people by making important applications, resumes and CVs, these are also things in which people have a lot of problems.

Wedding function or any other party planning:

You can prepare a plan for someone’s wedding or any function even by staying at home, like when the rituals take place because nowadays people’s attention is only towards the wedding party, food and wear and people forget the rituals. have gone. In such a situation, you can guide them and for this you can collect information online.

Yoga Classes:

You can also start yoga classes by taking training once, once you know the basics, you can update yourself through internet and yoga books and CDs of many famous yoga experts. Nowadays people have started paying a lot of attention towards fitness. In such a situation, by helping them, you can also earn money sitting at home. But once you must take training from an expert.

Dance Classes:

If you have dance skills then you can start a dance class, for this you will not even have to cost and your art will also emerge and you will also be practiced at home so that you will also be able to get acquainted with your art everyday. Also you will earn money sitting at home. Even with dance class you can learn yoga, aerobics.

Music Classes :

If you have the art of music. If you have mastery over it, then you can also start a music class. This will also help you and others will also get knowledge of music from your art and you will be able to earn money sitting at home.

Knitting Class:

If you have the art of knitting, like crochet or wool, then you can teach it to others. This will make someone more proficient in your art and you will also get money from it

Online Shopping Portal

If you know how to make good things on your own or you can start your own buying business by doing it with someone else or talking to any type, it can be anything but clothing. You can find this information on the internet.

I have prepared all these tips for you from my experience of making money sitting at home. I also work sitting at home and I’m happy because for some reason I couldn’t get out of the house but I always wanted to get something to work on but my mind was very sad for not doing it but I wanted to write Hindi poems. It was a hobby that my friend introduced me to writing and introduced me to others who had just started writing and needed a writer. He has embraced my weaknesses and taught me to work with love and today I serve him 1.6 years ago. And for the first time, I’m so happy that I’m feeling worthwhile and can make money sitting at home.

These are just some of the goal setting shareware you can use. All of these tips are great for housewives who want to do something but can’t get out of the house and people like that who can’t get out of the house for any physical reasons, can choose a work based on the suggestions written on this blog.

Today, all the information is available on the internet, even though the world is so big, but the internet is imprisoned in a box. What you want to learn today, you can learn online, where you need a laptop, computer or cell phone and an internet connection.

Everyone wants to save the electricity of their house, but due to not having a proper idea, they are not able to save it. To save electricity, only one thought comes in their mind that they have to work using electricity, although this is true, but along with this there are many things that you have to give birth to save electricity.

Here are some tips to help you reduce your electricity bills. By adopting them, you can reduce your electricity costs.

In today’s era, when electricity and telephone bills exceed expectations, budgets are shrinking. When half the salary finally pays these bills, it feels bad. Significantly reduce electricity bills in the hands of consumers. It is necessary to get up on time, because after we paid the bill we forgot, and then at the end of the month we remembered that we planned to reduce the electricity bills.

Therefore, always remember the couple’s lines. “Call today, call today and call now.” When will that moment be frozen? Therefore, today is a step towards reducing electricity bills. You can reduce your electricity bill in the following ways.

How to save electricity

The answers to many of these questions can be found on the Internet. It is also necessary to reduce electricity bills, and it is everyone’s responsibility to stop the abuse of energy.

Check all electrical equipment:

Check all electrical appliances in your home. Sometimes, these devices consume more power than necessary. If you find out early, repair these devices or buy new ones, as this one-time cost can save you from paying monthly electricity bills.

Replace old equipment:

We are usually proud to say that our refrigerators, washing machines or TVs have been in use for 20-25 years and nothing has happened so far. But you have the illusion that very old appliances are starting to consume more energy. As a result, your electricity bill may more than double, so be sure to check your old electrical equipment and replace it as soon as possible. This is one of the main reasons for the high electricity bills.

Use the air conditioner correctly:

Air conditioners consume a lot of electricity. Due to air conditioners and refrigerators, electricity bills are very high in summer. To do this, try to keep the room temperature you want to keep low. Do not allow too much sunlight to enter. For this, use thick dark curtains. And do not turn on the lights too much. This will increase the temperature in the room and will require more air conditioners to reduce the temperature. If you can lower the temperature before the measurement, less energy will be consumed under windy conditions. This will reduce your electricity bill.

Use LED lights:

Using LEDs instead of ordinary light bulbs at home, although a bit expensive, can help you reduce your monthly electricity bill, which is a big saving. Usually this LED bulb is also very bad. Therefore, replace the light bulb in your home first.

Do not forget to turn off the switch:

People do not have time to eat today. For this reason, it is very important to charge mobile phones and laptops and other devices, but due to busyness and carelessness, mobile phones and laptops are charged, but they often forget or avoid turning off the switchboard. Even if they are less, but with this in mind, you can reduce your electricity bill.

Be sure to turn off the TV switch:

Because of the TV remote control, we use the remote control to turn it off, and sometimes we even leave the set-top box on all day. In addition, the TV switch has not been switched off for several days. This is a very bad thing. Saving electricity is also the responsibility of all of us, saving money, so do not be so careless. Turn off the TV and cable box.

Use the geyser properly:

In winter or when we need hot water, we use geysers. Geysers consume a lot of electricity. We always turn on the geyser or turn it on to get water, all of which are very bad habits. Turn on the geyser five to ten minutes before bathing. Get enough hot water. No need to leave the geyser on for hours. If you do not have hot water, please check your geyser or replace the defective geyser, which will increase your electricity bill by 3-5 times.

Use the microwave oven carefully:

Do not use the microwave to heat water or cook small things like potatoes. Only do useful things in the microwave, because the microwave consumes a lot of energy. Also make sure to turn it off and keep it warm only when needed; otherwise, avoid heating.

Use fewer tubes and bulbs:

Pay attention to the peculiarities. Use low voltage bulbs. Keep enough light in the room you are in, but have enough light when reading and watching TV,

Use the printing press wisely:

Be careful when ironing clothes at home. Don’t use unnecessary pressure. This will reduce your bills.

Take care of the refrigerator.

Refrigerators are used in everyone’s home all year round. Therefore, please remember that it is very important to clean the refrigerator regularly. Few people have noticed that because the ice in the refrigerator freezes, the refrigerator consumes more electricity and consumes more electricity.

Use solar equipment:

Solar energy is the only kind of energy that can be easily and freely obtained and is available in a large amount, so please use its equipment to save energy and reduce electricity bills.

Remove the old wing.

In addition, the old fan consumes a lot of energy. If there is a margin, add some grease to fix it, otherwise the old fan will need to be replaced after many years. When the fan makes a rotating sound, and after turning on your switch for a long time, it starts to rotate. Knowing that it needs to be repaired and maintained correctly and replaced as much as possible, this also reduces power consumption.

There are many other ways to reduce your electricity bill. Recently, Prime Minister Modi put forward the slogan of saving electricity and building a nation. We all have the right to use the earth’s energy, but we also need to stop wasting it. We often do not turn off the fan and light switch when we go out. Even if there is enough light during the day, we will turn on the lights. We never turn off the electrical appliances in the classroom or office because I don’t have to pay the bills there.

In the first year of my project, there was a story about it. At that time, a teacher taught me basic electrical knowledge. He is very proud of the whole college. He often checks students and often gives different sentences. Once he came to our class during the break. There was no one in the class at the time. He saw ten fans running at full speed in the classroom. None of us knows. When we came to the classroom one by one. We were forced to stand on the bench and everyone was asked, “Do you know why you are being punished?” But none of us has the answer. We were punished for the entire hour that day and the day after tomorrow. But we don’t know why. Then he told us that we left all the fans. We will all become engineers, so we must take care of it and stop the abuse of energy. At the same time, others should be encouraged to do the same.

Now, whenever I see a light and turn on the fan for no reason, I turn it off first. Although I don’t have to pay for this, it is my responsibility to save the earth’s energy.

In order to save electricity, parents need to educate their children, let them understand these things, and let them develop habits.

Today you learned how to save electricity from this blog. You should understand its importance from this story. Power saving does not mean stingy. If we continue to use fuel at this rate, we will soon suffer. At the speed of our advancement, we left the earth and started flying in the sky, which led us to destruction.

Share this blog and encourage your friends and family to save electricity. This is our duty. We are all talking about rights, not fulfilling our obligations.

For your convenience and instant understanding, we have written everything in Hindi so that we can contact you easily. This blog is also to explain the importance of electricity and other energy sources.

What do you think of this blog? If you know anything else we haven’t written yet, please write to us in the comment box. We will put your suggestions on our blog and thank you for your help for us and other readers.

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For a good personality, along with looks, self-confidence is also very important, but many times we have many negatives due to which we are not able to develop ourselves, so basically in this blog you will be told that How can you increase your self confidence?

It is very important to have self confidence to be successful in life, a self confident person can achieve whatever he wants in life, but at the same time you have to pay attention that you should never be over confident because this can become is the way to your failure.

Easy methods to increase confidence

But you will be surprised to know that today I host many weddings in Sangeet Ceremony. I am fond of writing Hindi poetry and through this I first conducted the entire function in my aunt’s house’s wedding sangeet function with the mic in hand. While reading the first poem, a strange sound was coming in my ear. My voice was trembling due to fear and I was also having trouble breathing but after listening to my few lines, when all the audience applauded. I got courage and slowly today I am at this stage that I can conduct any function anywhere with complete confidence. I am only sad that if this fear had gone during school, college days, then I would have been able to fulfill my wishes but it would be too late. Today when there is applause and a smile comes on my mother’s face, I do not remember anything and that moment becomes a memory for me.

Parents are the most happy when they see their children standing on their feet with full confidence in this way.

It is said that children are like wet clay, in whatever form they mold them, they take the same form. Keeping this in mind, parents should focus on increasing self-confidence in children from childhood itself.

Always truth to yourself:

First of all, tell yourself about the lack, fear and lack of confidence inside you, accept it well and decide that it has to be corrected in any case. Like I myself was fat since childhood, due to which I did not even go out of the house or talk to anyone, similarly I completed my graduation but after that I was determined and lost my weight so that I have the confidence to do anything. She was born as well as started loving herself. That’s why it is important to understand your shortcomings and try to overcome them.

Make eye contact:

While talking to anyone, talk to him with eyes, you will automatically feel a surge of self-confidence. And do not be afraid while talking to anyone. Those who are in front are also human beings and they also have understanding, if you are new then they will understand your problem.

Be with your favorite people

If you lack confidence like you are not able to speak among many people. In such a situation, start speaking among the members of the house and friends and do not be afraid to make fun of it. Contribute to the small functions of the house and apply your percentage, this will increase your confidence.

Be responsible:

Take responsibility in any activity at home, school, college or office and complete it with enthusiasm. This also gives you confidence.

Create strategy:

To do any work, make a rough background, which includes the complete details of the work and also make an estimate of the result, if you work on this track, then you will be familiar with right and wrong and this will give you confidence.

Avoid negative thinking:

Do not work with the hope of not getting any work done, doing so will reduce both your confidence and enthusiasm, always carry whatever scope is there for the work to be done.

See your dreams with open eyes

The work that you cannot do, imagine that you are doing the same work that makes everyone happy, you are also happy and everyone is praising you, this gives you a positive feeling, which increases your confidence.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

Let me tell an anecdote for this. Once I told a friend of mine that I do not give a presentation, I am not spoken in front of anyone, my voice trembles on this, he laughed and said that you will not be able to speak more and more, you will be afraid but someone will kill you. No. At least if you try, there is a chance that you will be able to do it next time. This line of his sat in my mind and I removed my biggest fear, it took time, but today tell me to speak anywhere anytime, I can do that. In the same way, I tell you that there is no need to be afraid or panic if you make a mistake, if it happens then you will never try, so do not lock your doors yourself.

Do not be afraid to fail

Don’t always imagine the perfect result. Sometimes there is disappointment too, but accept it because only by mistake a person learns that those who fall down touch the heights, so do not let your self-confidence fall due to failure, but observe your mistake and rectify it.

Hang out with good people

Incorporate the good qualities of a better person in your life. Knowing the lifestyle of great men and bringing them into your life, by this you develop good habits, which bring good results and you feel confident in yourself.

Change yourself according to time:

Adjust yourself according to the time like speaking, dress and fashion. All these are necessary, even if not much, but with the change, you will feel the enthusiasm in yourself. Being stylish also increases confidence.

You can easily apply all these tips in your life, due to which you will feel self-confidence and a sense of happiness and satisfaction. Confidence is a very important thing, having it, many difficulties of life become easy.

Do some meditation and yoga to increase self-confidence.

serial number meditation and yoga action and benefit
1 meditate Sitting in meditation posture, keep your thumb and forefinger together on the knee. Sit in Sukhasana and close your eyes and focus your attention between the two eyebrows. This brings a positive attitude in you which helps in increasing self-confidence.
2 shout out loud Shout loudly on the roof of the house or in any open place in the morning, it removes the fear of the mind and increases self-confidence.
3 do sudarshan kriya This is Sudarshan Kriya, which one should search about or learn from a yoga guru and incorporate it into your life. Sudarshan Kriya is a very good solution to all the physical, mental problems, it controls all the senses of the human being, due to which there is reduction in anger, increase in self-confidence and the mind remains happy.
4 do pranayama Do Pranayama regularly. In which one must do Bhrami and Anom Antonyms. This keeps the mind calm. And the desire to do all the work is born which helps in increasing self-confidence.
5 do sun salutations Keeping in mind all the steps of Surya Namaskar, doing it with breathing activity increases concentration, it gives confidence to a person.

It is not that there is no solution to any problem in life, many shortcomings are fulfilled only by positive thoughts. Lack of confidence occurs only when we are afraid of something or feel lack in ourselves. And it is in your hands to eliminate both these reasons.

To increase self-confidence, first of all believe in yourself and try to fulfill your lack. Even if you are not successful, do not be afraid, not every person is made for all the tasks, you have tried, this is the biggest victory.

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