Amaltas Tree is known by many names like Cassia fistula, Golden Shower Tree etc. In this blog we are going to take complete information about this tree in which season it grows, in which places they are found more, e.t.c.

These trees look very good by the way and if you want to grow this tree in the garden of your home, then this blog will definitely be helpful for you.

Amaltas Tree Information

Amaltas tree is beautiful and attractive in appearance, it is known in English by the names Golden Shower, Pudding-pipe Tree, Purging Cassia, and Indian Laburnum. These plants are the trees of the world. Belonging to the descendants of Cassia. These are ornamental plants, which are grown around homes and gardens to enhance beauty.

Amaltas trees are found all over India. The diameter of the gas is about four meters. The tree is not very tall, but it is still increasing in diameter. The height of this plant is around 20 to 25, and due to the different climate, this length can increase even more.

The leaves grow very fast. The leaves are one to one and a half feet long. It’s big and connected. These pages are in pairs. They have a pair of four to eight leaves. These leaves appear on plants throughout the year. But he fell through the water. Because today the flowers are starting to bloom.

The flowers grow on this tree in April, May and June. This tree is full of yellow flowers. This tree is also called the yellow tree, some people say by this name that when the flowers grow on the Amaltas tree, it needs to be watered in two months.

In other words, it is called the Golden Shower Tree because when the yellow flowers fall on the tree, it looks like it is dripping gold. In addition to Amaltas, there are two other names for this tree, the Golden Shower Tree, and the Indian Watermark Tree.

When all the flowers fall from this tree, then after that black beans appear on it, which come in winter. The length of this pod is about 30 – 60 cm, and its thickness is about 3 – 5 cm. Its shape is cylindrical. There is a lot of space inside the Amaltas pod, which contains seeds.

The seeds are in pods with a glutinous black substance. The stuff in it smells very painful. Approximately 30 – 100 seeds emerge in this pod, the color of these seeds is brown. If the branches of the tree are peeled, a red sap comes out. When this juice dries, it will look like gum.

Amaltas is referred to as “Dok Khun” in Thailand. It is the national flower of Thailand. It is widely grown in Thailand. The yellow and yellow color of the flower is considered a symbol of Rajasikta and Buddhism. It was named the “Rechaphruik” royal flower at the 2006 flower festival in Thailand. What another name for Dok Khoon.

Because of the beauty of Amaltas and its healing properties, an Rs 20 envelope was issued on November 20, 2002. On which was a picture of an Amaltas tree posted.

Benefits of Amaltas

Apart from being a beautiful plant, Amaltas is also beneficial for our body. It is used for making Ayurvedic medicines. Flowers, beans, and seeds of Amaltas are all useful. Now know what are the benefits of Amaltas flowers, pods and seeds?

  • The paste of Amaltas leaves is used to cure pimples on the body.
  • If you have blisters in your mouth, then you can mix the pods of Amaltas tree with coriander and mix it with catechu and keep it on the ulcer area, it provides relief in mouth ulcers.
  • Applying other herbs along with the leaves of Amaltas on the wound heals very quickly.
  • Drinking Amaltas tea provides relief in throat problems.
  • Taking one or two leaves of Amaltas with salt clears the stomach.
  • Consumption of raw pods of Amaltas, mixed with rock salt in it, adding some lemon juice on top, ends the problem of constipation.
  • If the heels of your feet crack a lot, then you can take some leaves of amaltas, make a paste of them and apply them on the cracked heels. After doing this regularly for a few days, your cracked heels get cured.

damages of amaltas

By the way, there is no harm in Amaltas. If you consume any part of Amaltas, leaves, flowers or legumes in excess quantity, then you may have to face problems like diarrhea. But you should never do all these things by yourself.

Before adopting any Ayurvedic remedy for Amaltas, you should consult an Ayurvedic Vaidya or doctor. After that you should adopt them. On this blog, all these benefits of Amaltas are told for information only.

How to Grow Amaltas Tree

Growing Amaltas tree is very easy. The right time to grow this tree is from the month of February to August. You can grow it in many ways. How to grow Amaltas from cuttings? How to grow Amaltas from seed? People often ask such questions. So in this post we will cover all these topics.

Some people like Bonsai tree very much. If you also like bonsai, then you can make Amaltas’s bonsai and plant it in your home. In this post, how do we make Amaltas Bonsai? Will go about this too. I sincerely hope that you will definitely like this information.

how to grow amaltas plant from seed

To plant Amaltas, you need to have seeds. First, you need to take the seeds from the Amaltas tree. If there are no trees near your house, you can also get seeds from the nursery.

After transporting the seeds, you need to remove the seed tray (from which the plants grow). If you don’t have a tray, you can also use disposable plastic cups. You need to make a hole in the bottom of this glass. After this, if you want to see excellent results, then use the cockpit instead of the ground.

If you don’t have a cockpit, you can also use regular garden soil. You should put old cow dung in four or five glasses. You should place at least two or three seeds in each tray or glass. And they should be buried two inches in the ground.

After planting the seeds in the ground, you have to pour water on it. When watering, remember that the seeds can not move. After watering, keep this tray or glass in such a place. Where is the shadow.

Store moisture until your seeds are thick. These seeds will be frozen in about two weeks. When the plant grows a little big, you should put it in a large pot. Keeping in mind all these things, if you plant your crops, your crops will grow quickly.

How to Grow Amaltas From a Pen

Very few people cultivate Amaltas by cuttings, as there is little good yield when grown from pens. A large number of these crops are grown by seed alone. If you are removing it from cuts, you should follow all of these procedures.

You should cut four to five new branch cuttings. Keep this all for about seven inches and make sharp cuts underneath all. After that, keep all these cuts in a solution of hormone rooting powder for five minutes.

Until then prepare the soil for the use of a pen. You should prepare the soil in the same way as for sowing seeds. Three parts of normal soil and one part old manure. After preparing the soil, you should put a pen in it.

Remove the cuttings from the rooting hormone solution. Again apply hormone rooting powder. After that, put all these pens in the pot for three or four inches. And fill it with plenty of water. After that, keep this pot in a shady place for a few days until the crumbs start to come out of the inside of this pen.

When the copula starts coming out of your pen, you can keep it in the sun. This way you can grow this plant from cuttings.

how to care for amaltas plant

This plant does not require much care. At the time when this tree is small, at that time keep watering it properly. When it grows up, you grow it very well even if you don’t own it up to three.

If you have planted Amaltas tree in a pot, then you should cut it from time to time. So that it does not fail too much. And around its roots, weeding has to be done from time to time. You can spray neem oil on this tree once in a month. Due to this, kit moths do not appear on your plant.

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You must have heard about Apricot Fruit, but if you don’t then there is nothing to force because in this blog you will get all the information related to Apricot Fruit like what are its benefits, what are its disadvantages, what are its side effects you can have etc.

Apricot Fruit Information 

Apricot fruit is sweet and sour. Which looks very tasty to eat. Apricot cultivation is being grown in India for about 5,000 thousand years. According to botany, peach tree, potato bukhara, and the fruit of apricot, all three are considered to be of the same lineage.

The lineage of these three fruits is Prunus. Apricots are kept in the list of a delicious and important fruit in India and Pakistan. Many types of nutrients and vitamins are found inside apricots, which are very beneficial for the body.

Apricot is a fruit known by different names in different languages. Apricot is known as Apricot in the English language. In its Persian language, it is called by the name “Zard Aloo”, both these words have their own significance, Jard means “yellow” and Aloo means “Potato Bukhara”.

Aloo is called Aloo in Hindi language, but in Persian, Aloo is called “Aloo Zameen”, which means “Aloo Bukhara growing under the ground”.

Apricot tree is smaller in height than other trees. The height of this tree is about 8 to 12 cm. The trunk of this tree is about 40 cm thick. This tree is very dense.

There is always a nice shadow beneath it. Apricot leaves are 5 to 8 cm in length and 4 to 8 cm in width, the shape of these leaves is oval. Apricot flowers bloom in the winter season, the color of these flowers is white and light pink.

The size of these flowers is about 1 to 2 inches. Apricot flowers mostly bloom in pairs (two together). Apricot fruit is the size of a peach. Peach and Apricot are fruits of the same species. The color of apricots is usually yellow, orange, black, and red. Which gets its red color due to sunlight.

Apricot peel is very soft. At the time when its fruit ripens, there is also a slight rust on it. Inside the apricot remains the seed sealed inside a hard shell. The inside of this seed is edible. Apricot seeds taste like almonds.

Improved varieties of apricot

Many improved varieties of apricot plant are grown. Apricots are cultivated in different seasons depending on the variety. Let us know about some popular varieties of apricot.

1. Black Prince

In this variety of apricot, the color of the fruits remains red. It is a hybrid species, the height of its plants is similar to that of normal plants. The disease is also very less on this variety of plants.

2. Casha

Plants of this species start bearing fruit very early. The fruits start on these plants in the month of June. The shape of the fruits of this plant is round, it is yellow in color.

3. Whitened Apricots

Large size fruits come on the white apricot plants, the color of these fruits is light yellow. The fruits ripen on the plant by the month of July. The seeds of Safeda Apricot are sweet, which tastes like almonds.

4. Black Velvet

Plants of this species bear fruit later than other plants. Apart from this, the height of these plants is also less. Black velvet variety of apricot ripens by the last days of August. Its color is black. And it is also used for making pickles.

5. Charmagge Apricots

Plants of this type mature very quickly. Their fruits also ripen by the month of June. About 60 to 80 kg of fruits come on one plant. This variety of apricots is also used for eating dried and fresh. Its taste is sweet.

6. Pineapple Apricot

This variety of plants like winter more. It starts bearing fruit about five years after planting. On top of this the fruits ripen in the month of July. And the color of this apricot is yellow.

7. Harcot Apricot

The most important thing about this species is that there is no disease like fungus on it. Plants of this variety can be grown very easily in the middle mountain areas. These plants give fruits by the month of June. The color of these fruits is light yellow and pink.

Advantages and disadvantages of eating apricots

Apricot is a delicious and nutritious fruit. It is very beneficial for the health of the body. But every fruit has a method of consuming it. If you eat any fruit in the wrong way, then it can harm you. In this article, what are the advantages and disadvantages of eating apricots? Learn about both.

Benefits of Apricots Apricot Benefits in Hindi

Apricots keep our body away from many diseases. Apart from this, it also increases the nutrients of the body. It contains many vitamins and minerals. Let us first know, the benefits of eating apricots and in which diseases it is beneficial for our body.

If you use apricot fruit in your daily routine, then it is very beneficial for your bones. Potassium and magnesium are found inside it, according to some research, both nutrients are considered good for the bones of the body. Apart from this, many other elements for bones are found inside apricots, in which calcium, and phosphorus are the main ones. You can also consume apricots in the form of fruits and dry fruits to keep your bones strong.

1. Apricots strengthen the digestive system in our body. It is also very beneficial for reducing body weight. If you drink apricot juice, then you should not drink the juice and consume it directly as a fruit. Due to this fiber produces satiety hormone in the body. Due to which there is less appetite. And your stomach remains full for the whole day. This also reduces your weight.

2. For those who exercise, or exercise regularly, apricot acts like a Ramban. If you consume dried apricots, then it helps to strengthen and increase your muscles. A good amount of protein is found inside dried apricots.

3. Anti-aging properties and antioxidant properties are found inside apricots, which are very beneficial for our skin. It does not cause wrinkles on the skin. If you consume apricots in a regular quantity during the apricot season. So it is very beneficial for your skin.

4. As we get older. Due to this our eyesight starts decreasing. But this problem can be solved. If you take care of your body in the initial days. For this you can also consume apricots and other fruits. Apricots are beneficial for the eyes because they contain rich amounts of beta carotene.

5. Apricots are also very beneficial for reducing inflammation. The anti-inflammatory properties found inside it reduce the inflammation of the stomach. Apart from this, there are some edible elements inside its seeds as well. Which is very beneficial for inflammation. It reduces the swelling of your stomach.

6. Benefits of apricots for hair? Our body’s walls start falling due to iron deficiency. Because of which we gradually start becoming bald. Rich amounts of iron are found inside apricots. If you eat apricots. So your hair fall can be reduced to some extent. Apart from this, you can consume all iron-rich fruits and vegetables.

7. Apricot fruit contains a phytochemical element called phenolic, which is very beneficial for our heart. Apart from this, it also keeps you away from heart related diseases.

8. Many nutrients like magnesium, fiber, and potassium are found in apricot fruit, which are very beneficial in controlling our blood pressure. For this, you can use apricots as a fruit or eat it dry. It is beneficial in both ways.

use of apricot

  • Apricot is one such fruit, which is used in many ways. Some skin related products made from it are also used. Know, some uses of apricots –
  • If you consume milk shake, then you can use apricots in your shake. This will make your milkshake even more delicious.
  • When the fruits of the apricot are dried, an almond shaped edible substance comes out inside its seed, which is very tasty to eat.
  • You can also use apricots in your morning breakfast.
  • You can also use apricots in the form of fruit salad. You can also add spices to enhance the taste of fruit salad.
  • You can also use dried apricots for eating. It is also very tasty.
  • There are also apricot scrubs available in the market, which you can use for your face.

harm of apricots

  • By the way, there is no harm to any fruit. But still it is very important for you to take care of some things.
  • If you consume apricots in a controlled quantity, then it does not cause any harm to you. Always keep one thing in mind before eating apricots that always avoid consuming too much of it.
  • Children should not eat apricots.
  • Happy apricots are a bit hard. Therefore, it should always be chewed thoroughly. Otherwise you may get harmed by it.
  • The skin of some people is very sensitive, such people should avoid the consumption of apricots. Because it can also cause allergy problems.
  • Apricot is a healthy fruit. If you use it as a medicine, then it is beneficial for you.
  • If you have any kind of disease, then do not consume apricots without the advice of a doctor.

Apricot Fruit FAQ

What are the uses of Apricots?

Apricot is a type of fruit, it is used for eating. Apricots are eaten both as a fruit and as a fruit. Apart from this, some beauty products are also made from apricots.

Is it good to use apricots for hair?

Apricot seeds contain an element called oleic acid, which is a type of omega-9 fatty acid. It provides moisture to our scalp, and helps in making it more supple. Due to which the dryness of the hair is cured, and the hair remains healthy.

How to know if apricot fruit is ripe?

When the fruit of the apricot starts to turn light golden, and orange in color, a sweet aroma starts coming from inside it. When you press them, it starts squeezing slightly, which means that the apricot fruit is fully ripe. When the fruit is green in colour, it is unripe.

In what season do apricots grow?

Apricot season is from May to August, in these months it is fully ripe and ready.

Can I eat apricots at night?

Always eat a fresh fruit at night, it is good for our health. But you should always choose such fruits, which are rich in potassium, in such a situation, you can consume fruits like banana, dates, apricots. It is beneficial in giving better sleep.

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You must have heard about Nagkesar Tree, but if you have not heard and you want to know about it, then you are in the right place. In this blog, you should be given information about Nagkesar Tree, what are its benefits and where does it grow. etc whose information you will definitely enjoy.

Mesua Ferrea Tree Information

One of the evergreen is the Nagkesar tree. The scientific name is Nagkesar botanical – Teacher Ferrea. And in English it is known as Iron-wood, Indian Rose Chestnut, Steel Wood. The Nagkesar plant belongs to the family Calophyllaceae. The wood of this tree is used for many purposes. The strong wood of the Nagkesar tree is very valuable.

Before telling us about the Ayurvedic benefits of Nagkesar, tell us all the details. The height of this medicinal plant can be from 100 to 100 feet (35 to 35 m) or more. As the Nagkesar tree grows, it begins to spread slowly. As he grows older, he is thought to be a shady tree.

You can rest in the shade of this tree in summer. The branches of this tree are strong, scattered all over the tree. The leather is made of Nagkesar wood. It is used in Ayurvedic medicine. The skin is very hard. What tool is used to remove the tree?

The leaves of this tree are dark green, with a white underparts. The leaves of Nagakesar are approximately 1.5 inches wide and 4 to 6 inches long. The shape of this leaf is shown slightly in front. The tree has many leaves. So there is always a shadow under the tree.

Nagkesar Flower Plant

Nagkesar Flower / Mesua Ferrea Flower The color of flowers of Nagkesar is white and yellow, but in some species this red color also blooms. Which are very attractive and beautiful in appearance. The size of these flowers is big, from which a fragrance comes. These flowers have four white petals, in the center of which is a yellow saffron. The benefits of Nagkesar flower are also many. It is also used in Ayurvedic medicines.

The fruit of Nagkesar can also be used for eating, it does not cause any harm. The color of this fruit is green, but when the fruit of Nagkesar is ripe, its color becomes brown. There are seeds inside each of its fruits. The number of seeds is about two to three. The fruits of Nagkesar are ready for ripening in the month of August to September. These fruits are also used in many medicines.

Where is the Nagkesar tree found or where it is found.

The highest yield of Nagkesar trees is in many countries like Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, India, and Myanmar. It is the most commonly grown tree in tropical regions. Apart from this, it is also found grown in the eastern parts of the Himalayas.

Benefits of Nagkesar

Nagkesar is a medicinal plant. Used to cure many ailments. In addition to this, Nagkesar is used as a home remedy. So let us know about some of the benefits of Nagkesar.

If you have diarrhea, your stomach can be treated by taking Nagkesar. If you have diarrhea, take Nagkesar powder to relieve it.

Using Nagkesar is also very helpful for colds and flu. If you have any problem like frostbite, you can apply Nagkesar leaf cement on your head according to the advice of an Ayurvedic doctor. Great for colds and flu.

Hiccups are a problem so if one starts with a lot of hiccups, he will be worried. Hiccups are usually common, but we drink water, and it gets better. But if you have a lot of hiccups, you can use Nagkesar at home. For this, Nagkesar powder and honey should be swallowed together. This provides relief from hiccups. You should always use Nag Kesar under the guidance of an Ayurvedic doctor. Another thing is that there may be problems.

Nagkesar is also great for joint pain. In the old days, the problem of joint pain was less. But in the meantime the problem has grown exponentially. This problem is called arthritis. Nagkesar is very helpful in finding relief from joint problems. For this, Nagkesar seed oil should be used by massaging the painful area in the joints. It is very calm for you.

If the lesion appears anywhere on the body, it will not heal quickly. In these cases, nagkesar oil is very effective. It is very helpful in wound healing.

Nagkesar oil is also very helpful in skin related diseases. It helps to treat itching that occurs in the body.

Nagkesar is also very helpful in relieving stomach upsets. If you have trouble separating yourself, Nagkesar can help. It has properties that strengthen the digestive system. Helps with digestion.

Nagkesar is also very helpful for heart related diseases. It has anti-digestive properties. It prevents the formation of cholesterol. Because there are no heart-related diseases.

As already mentioned, Nagkesar is very helpful for joint pain. But other than that, Nagkesar is also great for back pain. Lots of such products are found inside it, which provide relief from back pain. For this you should massage Nagkesar seed oil in the middle. This will give you relief from back pain.

Many such substances are found inside Nagkesar, which help to get rid of snake bites. When someone comes and bites a snake, nothing is found quickly, the Nagkesar plant is somewhere near the city, so it grinds some leaves and cuts in the area. You can put it there. After this, the doctor should be seen immediately.

Things to keep in mind: Of course, it is safe to use Nagkesar. But here we have mentioned all the advantages and uses of Nagkesar for informational purposes only. Before using or using anything related to Nagkesar, talk to your doctor or Ayurvedic doctor. Another thing is that you may have problems of any kind.

Nagkesar farming information

You need to give a long time to cultivate Nagkesar. Because it does not grow as fast as other big trees. Like the hybrid species of Eucalyptis, there is no hybrid species of Nagkesar. Because of which its growth is completely natural.

Nagkesar tree likes normal climate. If you live in a place where it is very cold, then the Nagkesar tree does not do well in such a condition. You should always plant this tree in a normal climate.

What should be the soil for planting Nagkesar tree? This tree likes loamy soil the most. If you plant the Nagkesar tree in loamy soil, then it grows very well.

How To Take Care Of Nagkesar Tree

  • Nagkesar is very easy to take care of in the same way as other big trees are taken care of.
  • From time to time, manure and water have been added inside the plant.
  • Whenever the soil of the plant starts drying up, water the plant after hoeing it.
  • Never give more water to the Nagkesar tree than necessary. Doing so can damage the roots of the plant.
  • If any kind of insect on the tree is spoiling the leaves, then any insecticidal medicine should be used on the tree.
  • When the branches of the tree start growing, they should be pruned from time to time. This makes the tree grow quickly.

Mesua Ferrea Tree FAQ

How is Nagkesar tree grown?

Nagkesar is grown through seeds, you can collect its seeds from the bottom of the tree. It starts to germinate about 20 to 25 days after sowing the seeds. And in about 2 to 3 months, the Nagkesar plant becomes ready.

Nagkesar is the state tree of which state?

Nagkesar (Iron Wood) is the state tree of the state of Mizoram, India.

What is Nagkesar called in English?

Nagkesar is called Mesua Ferrea in the English language.

What is Nagkesar used for?

Nagkesar is a medicinal tree, which is used in Ayurvedic and herbal medicines.

In which season do nagkesar flowers bloom?

Flowers start blooming on the Nagkesar tree after about four years, the flowers of Nagkesar bloom in the season of April-June and July. And the seeds start coming on them in the month of September. The color of the seeds of Nagkesar is light brown.

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Gazania flower is very beautiful and attractive, generally it is found more in South Africa, it grows in winter season, although it can also be grown in summer season. Gazania flower is seen with many brilliant colors. Like orange, purple, white and yellow In this blog you will be given complete information related to this.

How To Grow Gazania From Seeds

  • To grow a Gazania plant from seed, you need to have a day temperature around 30 degrees Celsius.
  • Now first of all you should buy Gazania Seeds from any nursery or online.
  • After this you have to prepare a good soil mixture, in which you mix the cockpit, sand, and vermicompost well. If you don’t have a cockpit, you can make a good soil mix by adding old compost to normal garden soil.
  • After this you have to take a pot, in which you are going to grow Gazania Seeds. Keep in mind that it is very important to have a hole at the bottom of the pot for water to drain out. By placing some pebbles on these holes. Fill the pot with soil.
  • After filling the pot with soil, fill the pot with plenty of water. Till the water starts coming out from the bottom of the pot.
  • After this, you have to plant Gazania seeds at some distance above the soil in the pot. On top of this you have to cover the seeds by making a thin layer of the cockpit. If there is no cockpit, use normal garden soil.
  • After that again sprinkle water on them. After this, keep the pot in a place where there is no direct sunlight.
  • Your Gazania Seeds will sprout after about 7 days. When your plants get a little older, you can take them out of the pot and plant them in the ground or in a bigger pot.

How to Plant a Gazania Plant From a Cutting

  • To plant a Gazania plant from a cutting, you must take a cutting from the root of this plant.
  • You will see many small plants in the root of this plant. You can remove some of these small plants by cutting them with any sharp-edged tool.
  • After taking a cutting from the plant, you should plant it in any pot. Do not plant the cutting too deeply in the soil.
  • After planting the cutting, put water in the pot and keep it in a shady place. In about 1 to 2 months, your cuttings will start to grow very well.

How to Take Care of Gazania Plant

  • The Gazania plant should always be planted in such a place, where there is about 6 to 7 hours of sunlight in a day. If this plant does not get good sunlight, it causes it to wither.
  • Always plant the Gazania plant in a good soil. The soil of the pot should be friable. The pot or any bed in which you have planted the Gazania plant should have proper drainage system.
  • If we talk about irrigation of this plant to this plant, then water it from time to time. If you water it a certain amount and well, then you get to see very nice and healthy flowers on the plant.
  • If you give too much water to the plant every day, then the roots of the plant rot. Due to which the plant starts drying up, and its leaves start turning yellow.
  • If you want to get a lot of flowers from the Gazania plant, then for this you should pluck old flowers from the plant from time to time. So that new flowers come on the plant. If you don’t pluck old flowers from the plant, it starts forming seeds on the plant, and the number of flowers on the plant decreases.
  • If we talk about the fertilizer of this plant, then it does not require much fertilizer etc. If you have planted it in good soil in the beginning, then just take special care of water and sunlight, apart from this there is no need to take much care of this plant.
  • If we talk about kit moths on Gazania plant, then this plant does not seem to have any kind of kit moths. But if for some reason kit moths are eating the leaves of your plant, then you can spray neem oil for this. With this, there will be no kit moths of any kind on the plant.

Gazania Flower Season in India

If you live in India and want to grow flowers in Gazania, you can grow it from June to November, as it takes about three weeks for it to bloom. After 3 weeks, the flower will start to dry. Flowers from Gaza do not bloom at night. In the evening, their flowers cover the center with a plate or paper. In addition, flowers in Gaza do not receive enough sunlight, but stop blooming.


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If you have interest in Geography, then you will also have a lot of interest in knowing about trees, as we all know that trees are an important part of our life, without which we cannot survive. If they give more oxygen, then in this blog we will know about the information related to this, from the angle that there are 70 such trees which provide you more oxygen, hope you will enjoy knowing.

10 Trees Name With Pictures 

The tree fulfills the needs of man. If he builds his house, he cuts wood from trees and makes furniture for the house. When he is hungry, he plucks the fruit from the tree and eats it. Trees keep the earth’s atmosphere pure. We get oxygen from them. So let’s know, the names of trees, Tree Name in Hindi and complete information about them –

1. Mango Tree

Mango tree is very big in size, Mango is a succulent fruit, it is called the king of fruits in India. Scientific name of mango is Mangifera Indica. Initially, its species was found only in the Indian subcontinent. But slowly this whole world failed. Even at present, maximum mango production is done in India itself. The second largest producer of mango is China.

2. Banyan Tree

Banyan tree is very big. Its tree is called Banyan Tree in English, apart from this it is also called Vat Vriksha or Bad Tree. Its scientific name is Ficus benghalensis. The trunk of this tree is very hard and strong. When this tree grows up, its branches start coming out of the roots of the tree. And it starts hanging in the air. When someone breaks a leaf or branches from a banyan tree, a milk-like substance is released from its plant, which is called lactous acid.

3. Neem or Margosa Tree

Neem tree is native to India, it is a medicinal tree. Its English name is Margosa Tree and Scientific Name – Azadirachta Indica. It is a deciduous tree. This tree is commonly found in the areas of the Indian continent, but in the last 150 years it has migrated from the Indian subcontinent to Africa, Australia, and sub-tropical countries. Its description is found in Indian Ayurvedic Science.

4. Jackfruit Tree

The jackfruit tree is a fruit tree, although it is a belief that jackfruit is a fruit, or a vegetable. Jackfruit tree’s English name is Jackfruit, and its scientific name is Artocarpus Altilis. It is generally native to South Asia and Southeast Asia. The fruit of jackfruit is the largest fruit in the world among the fruits on the tree. There are small thorns on the outer surface of its fruit. It is used for raw food and vegetable preparation.

5. Gulmohar Tree (Gulmohar Tree or Delonix Regia or Royal Poinciana)

The Gulmohar tree comes in the list of flowering trees, it comes in the list of both flowering and shady trees. Beautiful and attractive flowers of red color are found on it, its English name is Royal Poinciana and Scientific Name is Delonix Regia. The Gulmohar tree is believed to be native to Madagascar. According to some legends, it is believed that it was first seen by the Portuguese in Madagascar. Apart from Royal Poinciana, this tree is also known as Flam Tree. The name Gulmohar was given to the Gulmohar tree by the French. Because the word Gulmohar means flower of heaven in their language.

6. Amaltas (Golden Shower Tree, Purging Cassia, or Indian Laburnum)

Amaltas tree is found in all regions of India. This tree is not very tall, its trunk makes its circumference only about 4-5 feet. Amaltas is also known as Golden Shower, and its scientific name is Cassia Fistula. During the summer months from April to May, the entire flower is full of yellow beautiful and attractive flowers. Its flowers come in long clusters. In winter, it also bears long, black cylindrical pods on it.

7. Asoka Tree (Saraca Asoca Tree)

Ashoka tree is commonly planted in homes, schools, and roadsides to enhance the beauty. Its scientific name is Saraca Asoca. Ashoka tree is a species of deodar tree. The shape of its leaves is like that of mango leaves.

8. Maple Tree

Maple tree tree is very beautiful and attractive. Its scientific name is Acer. There are about 132 species of maple tree found all over the world. Apart from this, there are many types of maple, in which some of the main types of maple are – Japanese Maple, Red Maple, Acer Freemanii, Sugar Maple, and Norway Maple etc. A special type of syrup is extracted from the maple tree, which is used for food.

9. Apricot Tree (Apricot Tree or Armenian Plum)

Apricot tree is a fruit tree. Its fruit has kernels. It is very sweet. Apricot is grown a lot in North India and Pakistan, it is given great importance in North India. Some agricultural scientists believe about Apricot, that this fruit is being grown continuously in India for the last 5000 years. It has many species. It is rich in vitamins and fiber. Its Scientific Name is Prunus Armeniaca.

10. Ceylon Ironwood or Mesua Ferrea Tree

Nagkesar tree is an evergreen tree, it is also called Nagchampa. It is very beautiful and simple to look at. Its leaves are very thin and dense. There is a lot of shade under the Nagkesar tree in summers. Its flowers are used to make spices and medicines. Apart from this, medicines of many types of diseases are also made from the wood of Nagkesar.

List of Trees Name 

SN Tree Name in Hindi Tree Name in English
1 plum tree Indian Jujube
2 sweet neem Curry Tree
3 Ficus religiosa Bodhi Tree
4 guava tree Guava Tree
5 tamarind tree Tamarind Tree
6 pomegranate tree Pomegranate Tree
7 Coconut tree Coconut Tree
8 Fig tree Common Fig Tree
9 nutmeg tree Nutmeg Tree
10 Apple tree Apple Tree
11 Areca nut tree Areca Palm, Pinang Palm Tree
12 sandalwood tree Sandal Tree
13 jasmine tree Pagoda Tree
14 Catechu tree Acacia Tree
15 wild almonds Wild Almond Tree
16 gooseberry tree Amla Tree
17 walnut tree Walnut Tree
18 Neem tree Nim Or Margosa Tree
19 jackfruit tree Jackfruit Tree
20 Mahua tree Mohwa Tree
21 Ashoka tree Saraca Asoca Tree
22 teak tree Teak, Indian Oak Tree
23 papaya tree Papaya Tree
24 drumstick tree Drum stick / Moringa Tree
25 kachnar tree Bauhinia Variegata Tree
26 acorn tree Oak Tree
27 eucalyptus tree Eucalyptus Tree
28 sal tree Sal Tree
29 palm/cane tree Jaggery Palm, Wine Palm Tree
30 Ficus tree Ficus Religiosa Tree
31 gulmohar tree Royal Poinciana, Peacock’s Flower Tree
32 Palash/Dhak tree Flame Of The Forest Tree
33 Ashoka tree Sorrowless Tree
34 Bombax tree Red Silk Cotton Tree
35 Berry tree Java Palm, Indian Allspice Tree
36 jasmine tree Jasmine Tree, Frangipani Tree
37 The mango tree Mango Tree
38 amaltas tree Golden Shower, Purging Fistula, Indian Laburnum Tree
39 Palm tree Wild Date Palm Tree
40 hawthorn tree Cactus Tree
41 Rosewood tree Dalbergia Sissoo, Sheesham Tree
42 acacia tree Babul, Indian Gum Arabic Tree
43 Mahua tree Mohwa, Indian Butter Tree
44 pine tree Pine Tree
45 Cedar tree Cedrus Deodara, Himalayan Cedar Tree
46 banana tree Banana Tree
47 arjuna tree Queen’s Crepe Myrtle, Pride Of India
48 jackfruit tree Jackfruit Tree
49 chikoo tree Sapodilla Tree
50 bamboo tree Bamboo Tree

We have read the names of the trees given above in English and Hindi, now we know, the names of 10 fruit trees and the names of shady trees –

Names of 10 Fruit Trees 

  1. Apple Tree
  2. Orange Tree
  3. Papaya Tree
  4. Peach Tree
  5. Apricot Tree – Apricot Tree
  6. Banana Tree – Banana Tree
  7. Coconut Tree
  8. Guava Tree
  9. Mango Tree
  10. Mulberry Tree

Names of 10 Shady Trees

  1. Neem tree
  2. Ficus tree
  3. Pelkhan tree
  4. Rosewood tree
  5. The mango tree
  6. Berry tree
  7. Cedar tree
  8. gulmohar tree
  9. sal tree
  10. lilac tree

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If you are going on a tour somewhere and you get to see those trees in very beautiful colors, then it is obvious that the mind gets relaxed and a lot of joy starts coming from inside, in this blog we are going to talk about such a beautiful tree. You are going to know what you must see, whose name is Maple tree, we will know where these trees are found, what are their special things etc.

Maple Tree Information 

The maple tree is available in many colors. But the most famous is the red map. The leaves and branches of the maple are all red. This tree appears on the list of shrubs.

About 132 species are found, mostly in Asia. In addition, maple trees are found in North Africa and North America and Europe. The tree belongs to the Sapindaceae family, with the botanical name Acer.

The tree usually grows on dry slopes. The height of these trees can be between 40 and 50 feet. In autumn the leaves of the maple tree turn a dark red.

Maple Wood Maple Wood is used in many ways. His wood is very valuable, made with furniture, wooden boxes, baskets and musical instruments, etc.

Some people have a question, what kind of wood is the fiddle made of? Let’s just say you told me the violin was made from a maple girl. However, people use other wood. But good violins are made of just maple wood.

In addition to this, maple is also used to make syrup. Black maple is only used for making. Maple flowers are green, red, yellow and orange. Maple trees live for about 200 to 300 years. Maple trees bear seeds at different ages depending on their species.

Where a red maple tree begins to produce a four year old seed. Maple is planted as an ornamental plant in gardens and near houses. The most popular plants for decorative police are the Japanese maple, the red maple and the silver maple.

Interesting Facts About Maple Trees

  • Maple trees grow in different sizes according to the species. Apart from this, maple bonsai is very popular.
  • The bonsai of the maple tree looks very attractive and beautiful.
  • The color of the bark of a maple tree is brown. When the plant is in its initial stage, its root is smooth, and it gradually becomes rough.
  • Its leaves are shaped like the leaves of a grape vine. But it occurs in three to nine shifts.
  • Maple leaves Maple Leaf Sharad starts changing its color during the season. It is green in the beginning. After this it changes into yellow, orange and red color.
  • Maple seeds have wings that, after falling from the tree, fly like a helicopter in the air.
  • The syrup is extracted from inside the maple, which is one of the best products grown from this tree. The syrup is extracted by boiling the bark of the maple.
  • About 40 to 50 tree barks are needed to make one gallon of maple syrup.
  • Sugar is found in abundance in maple syrup. Apart from this, vitamins, minerals and minerals are also abundant in this only.
  • Maple syrup can also be used in place of sugar. Apart from this, maple syrup is also used in desserts.
  • Maple wood is used to make violins, drums, guitars and other musical instruments.
  • The dry wood of the maple tree is used to make smoking spices.
  • Coal made from the dried wood of the maple tree is used in the manufacture of Tennessee whiskey.
  • Maple trees are also used to make paper. Paper made from the maple tree has more cleanliness than other paper.
  • When maple leaves begin to change color during autumn, people in Japan gather in groups to watch the process. Collectively, the changing color of maple leaves is known in Japan as “momijigari”.
  • Maple tree in the flag of Canada.
  • A typical maple tree lives for about 300 years or more under good climate and care.

Maple Tree FAQ

Which is the prettiest maple tree?

The most beautiful maple tree is the sugar maple. The sugar maple grows in many wonderful colors. Its leaves develop golden, orange and red hues in spring and summer through fall. This tree is the most beautiful and attractive.

What are maple trees good for?

The white-grained wood of the maple tree is used to make cabinetry, paneling, tool handles, cutting boards, wooden bowls, musical instruments, and boxes. Also the red maple tree is used for fuel. In addition, high quality paper is also made from the maple tree.

How would you identify a maple tree?

The easiest and best way to identify a maple tree is by looking at the tree’s leaves, bark, and fruit. Maple tree leaves are usually pointed. The color of these leaves is dark green. When it is young, the bark of its stem is smooth. As it grows old, its bark becomes rough. Apart from this, this tree changes the color of its leaves in autumn.

What does the maple tree symbolize?

Maple tree is a symbol of practicality, longevity, generosity and intelligence. Also the syrup from the maple tree was an important food source for Americans. which came to represent success and abundance.

Can you eat maple syrup straight from the tree?

The syrup from the maple tree is as sweet as sugar. You can consume it by making chutney. In addition, there are many other species of maple trees from which edible syrup can be extracted.

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Everyone knows about Banyan Tree that this tree is considered to be the biggest tree in the world, but do you know about some interesting facts related to it, then basically in this blog we will know about 20 plus facts related to banyan tree. what you probably didn’t know.

Meaning of the Banjan tree

A huge tree found in India called the bath tree or the Banja tree. Whose roots protrude from the branches, and grow little by little until it touches the ground. Once it reaches the ground, this root merges with the tree in the form of a column and develops a new stem.

information about banana tree

Banjan Tree is a big and big tree with big doubts. Some people do not know what is the national tree of India? The girls tree is the national tree of India.

Banjan was made from Indian wood in 1950. It is found all over India. The shade of this tree is very cold. In the summer, people like to sit in the shade.

According to some ancient myths, the tree could reach as many as 80,000 to 10,000 people. The family tree is known in English as the Girls’ Tree.

The tree is thought by some to be called Bania, as in ancient times Indian merchants lived under the shade of a tree during the summer holidays.

In addition to India, the girls tree is found in tropical and subtropical regions near Pakistan, Bangladesh and Myanmar.

The Bani tree is a flowering tree with more flowers than the ground and a height of 20 to 25 meters or more. This tree usually grows on other large trees. Banjan means ficus bengalensis. Banjan wood is tough and strong. It was used to make furniture or other valuable materials.

The roots of the female tree are strong and hanging from the branches of the tree. Stand by the tree and swim in the air. As the tree ages. Along the way, the roots grow so that they can penetrate the soil and form a ground-supported column.

The trunk of the girls’ tree stands firm. As some of the roots reach the stump and pass through the soil, the plant begins to grow rapidly. This is because some of its roots take nutrients from the soil.

The shape of the girls’ leaves is round. It’s a big, thick skin. The surface of the leaves is glossy, and the underside is slightly lighter. These pages are 5 to 7 inches long. The first color of the girls’ leaves is red. When the leaves look good, they turn green. When the girls’ page is broken, a white stick comes out.

The banij tree also bears fruit, its fruit is round in shape, small. The fruits are red in color, and the seeds are small inside. How long does a girl tree take? The lifespan of a female tree can be a thousand years or more. However, it is hard to know. The mystery of this age and the nails.

The girl tree became largely a part of Hinduism. In addition to the Banja tree from the Trinity, Vishnu, Mahesh, Pipal and Nim are also important trees in Hindu religion. The tree of the pool is popular with many holidaymakers.

Name of Banyan Tree Called of Different Languages ​​Hindi, Punjabi, Marathi Etc.

Languages Names
Hindi banyan, butt, bur, banyan
english Banyan, East Indian Fig Tree
Punjabi Bargad
Kannada Mara, Al (Al), Ala (Ala)
Bengali Badgach, Bar, Bot
Oriya Boro
Tamil Ala, Alam (Alam)
Arabic Taein banfalis, Jhatulejaibva
Sanskrit Banyan tree, Nyagrodha, Skandhaj, Dhruva, Ksheeri, Vaishravana, Vaishravanalaya, Polypod, Blood fruit, Shringi, Vasa
Urdu Bargoda
Gujarati Vad, Wadlo
Malayalam Ala, Peral
Konkani Vad
Nepali Bar
Marathi Wad, War
Persian Darakhteresha
Telugu Marri, Vat tree (Vati)

Benefits of Banyan Tree in Hindi

Benefits of Banyan Tree Benefits of Banyan Tree in Hindi

Banyan tree is full of medicinal properties. It has many benefits. In this article, we will tell you about the elements found inside it and for what it is beneficial. Let us know the benefits of banyan tree.

Benefits of banyan in joint pain

According to some research, it has been found that joint pain is due to the reduced immunity of the body. Many such elements are found in banyan, which are very beneficial for our body. Chloroform, butanol, and water content are found in banyan leaves. All of these enhance the immunity. Apart from this, anti-inflammatory properties are also found in banyan, which is helpful in reducing inflammation.

Helpful in skin pimples – Banyan root is beneficial in skin related disorders. Many such properties are found inside it, which cure pimples.

keep teeth and gums healthy

Every part of the banyan tree is useful. The antioxidants and anti-microbials present inside it destroy the bacteria inside the mouth. Many problems related to the mouth are removed by using the soft root of banyan as a paste.

keep hair healthy

As mentioned above, anti-microbial properties are found in banyan. Which are helpful in eliminating bacterial infections. Make a paste by mixing the bark of the banyan tree and the leaves of the tree. By applying this paste on the hair, the hair becomes healthy.

banyan tree damage

No damage has been seen to the banyan tree so far. Then we should use a controlled quantity while using it. Before using banyan, it is very important for you to keep these things in mind.

Before using banyan in any way related to skin or hair, one must consult an Ayurvedic doctor, so that you do not have to face any kind of problem.

A milk-like substance comes out in the leaves and roots of banyan. If you have any kind of allergy or other problem with this milk, then you should immediately consult a doctor. Or stop using it.

where is the oldest banyan tree

The oldest banyan tree in the world is found in the Acharya Jagdish Botanical Garden Chandra Bose, Kolkata (India). This tree is the largest banyan tree in the world, planted in this garden in 1787.

At this point the tree has failed so badly that a large forest has been prepared from the roots. If you see this banyan tree, you won’t believe it. The tree is spread over an area of 14,500 square meters. It has a height of about 22 to 24 meters.

Above it are about four thousand roots rubbed against the ground. Due to its ever-growing size, the tree is also known as the largest tree in the world. Many species of birds live in this tree. Speaking of their species, it is home to over 80 species of birds.

Frequently asked questions about banyan tree

What is special about the banyan tree?

The banyan tree covers its buds with two large leaves like a fig. When its new leaves emerge, their initial color is red. The old banyan tree hangs its roots in the air, and as it grows old, the roots become thicker and stronger.

Why are banyan trees sacred?

In Hinduism, the banyan tree is considered sacred, as it is believed to be the abode of God. Apart from this, it is also believed that the ancestors and gods reside around the banyan. This tree emits spiritual energy.

Can we eat the fruit of the banyan tree?

The ripe fruit of Banyan is red in color, and it does not contain any kind of poison. But it is difficult to eat them, because its taste is strange. But Banyan leaves are considered edible, its leaves are also used to make edible leaves.

Are Peepal and Banyan tree the same tree?

The family of these two trees is one, both the trees belong to the Moraceae family. But their species are different. While the botanical name of Banyan is Ficus benthalensis, and the botanical name of Peepal tree is Ficus religiosa.

How to identify Banyan tree?

Birds keep the seeds of the fruits on the banyan tree on other trees. Because of which it starts growing on the branches of other trees as well. Apart from this, the banyan tree can also be recognized by its roots hanging in the air, and the color of its initial leaves is red. These are some of the main identities of the banyan tree.

How to grow bonsai from banyan tree?

To make a banyan bonsai, a small plant is needed. This plant is given the shape of a bonsai from the very beginning. For this, it is given with the help of aluminum wire. Its roots are spread around the plant. So that one can get the shape of a good bonsai. In this way bonsai of banyan tree can be prepared.

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Everyone is public about Banana, which everyone swears by, often people talk about its benefits, but do you know about its disadvantages, maybe you will not know, so in this blog we are going to discuss this. What are the disadvantages of eating banana, along with this we will know what can be its benefits.

Apart from this, most bananas in the world are eaten in Uganda. Here the per capita banana consumption rate is about 225 in a year. In today’s article, we will know about all the information related to banana. I sincerely hope that if you read this article completely, then you will not have to go to any other article to read the information about Banana. So let’s go first about the banana tree and the fruit –

Benefits of eating banana

1. Eating bananas is very helpful for heart disease. Potassium is contained in large amounts in it and is very useful in controlling blood. Some studies have shown that when potassium levels in the body begin to fall, blood pressure begins to rise, increasing the risk of heart disease.

2. Bananas strengthen the digestive system, which is rich in fiber. The amount of fiber helps the digestive system to function properly. Because the food we eat is easy to digest. Apart from this, the problem of constipation is solved by using it.

3. Vitamin B6 is found in bananas. It is very beneficial to our brain. Vitamin B6 helps the brain function regularly. When your body lacks vitamin B6, your brain begins to degenerate. To make up for this shortcoming, you can eat bananas every day.

4. If our body lacks computer serotonin and melatonin, we have a problem with insomnia. If you want to be healthy, start eating bananas. It is also rich in magnesium and restores muscle mass. You can eat bananas about 2 hours before bedtime.

5. The use of bananas is also very good for our eyes. Among them is Vitamin A, which helps your eyesight. It improves the retinal pigment epithelium of our eyes. Because there is no age-related darkness. In addition, it has many other nutrients. It’s good for your health.

6. Insects bite our bodies, and when they bite, heat is generated, from which inflammation begins. In this case, apply banana peel to the affected area for a while. It doesn’t bother you, and the swelling disappears.

7. If you feel sick, you can eat bananas to get rid of them. It contains vitamin B6 and carbohydrates that energize you. Some studies have shown that the brain continues to work with vitamin B6. As a result, stress is reduced.

8. If you are overweight and want to lose weight, there is no better product than bananas. The contents are rich in dietary fiber. A person who fills the stomach without adding calories. You can eat bananas in your diet. In addition, eating bananas and milk can lead to weight gain. To do this, you need to talk to a good coach.

9. Bananas are rich in calcium. Calcium is very good at maintaining strong and healthy bones. Eating one banana a day adds calcium to your body. This strengthens your bones.

10. If you are drunk for some reason. So you can use bananas for this. Whenever you drink alcohol, it causes an imbalance in the amount of potassium and sodium in your body. This is because drunkenness is starting to increase exponentially. For this you can eat bananas. When the hangover subsides, the amount of potassium in the body increases. It also contains a lot of sodium.

11. Bananas are also very good for our teeth. If you squeeze the banana peel from your teeth three or four times a week, your teeth will look white. It also increases the brightness of your teeth. This is a home remedy to clean your teeth.

12. When our immune system is strong. Therefore, we do not get many illnesses too soon. Therefore, there is no possibility of infection. Vitamin A deficiency when deep infections can occur. This Vitamin A stimulates the immune system to make you stronger and healthier. This allows you to eat bananas for breakfast. This increases your risk.

13. Bananas contain 89 calories per gram. Enough to increase our energy. If you get tired of your daily life, you can eat bananas. And again, you can drink a banana shake. It contains many nutrients such as carbohydrates, potassium and protein, which helps to instantly energize the body.

benefits of eating banana at night

Banana is considered beneficial for health, but still some people advise not to eat banana at night, because eating banana at night is not considered good for health. So let’s know why banana should not be eaten at night?

1. It is advised not to eat banana at night because its effect is cold. Due to which there is a risk of getting cold and cough. Apart from this, banana is a late-digesting fruit, after eating it, you may also feel like lethargy.

2. Ayurvedic Vaidya and doctor say that if you are completely healthy. If you do not have any kind of problem like cough or cold, then you can consume banana at night. Apart from this, after exercising or doing gym in the evening, you can consume banana or make a banana shake and drink it. It is beneficial for your health.

3. If you eat a banana an hour or two before going to bed at night, then it helps you to sleep well. Because there is a rich amount of potassium inside the banana, which relaxes our muscles.

4. If you have ever consumed more spicy food or any zinc food. So it can cause burning sensation in your chest. To avoid this, you can consume a banana at night. It is beneficial in reducing heartburn.

use of bananas

Banana has many health related uses. But it is only beneficial for your health. When you use it in the right way. Know, how to use banana for food.

banana tea

You can also enjoy banana tea. It is very easy to make it. For this you have to take about 4 to 5 cups of water. Keep it for heating in any steel vessel. When the water starts boiling, separate the two ends of the banana from the banana and put the banana in the pot and give it one more boil. After this, you can filter this water and drink it by adding honey inside it. It is very tasty and beneficial.

Banana Shake

Banana shake is everyone’s favorite. To make this, you have to take one or two ripe bananas as per the requirement. And if you want to add a cup of milk, you can add it. Otherwise, you can also use honey to sweeten the shake. After gathering all the ingredients, put them in the blender. After running the blender for some time, when it is mixed well, you can enjoy the banana shake. Apart from this, you can also put ice in it.

harm of eating banana

By the way, there is no harm in eating banana. If you consume it in the right quantity and in the right way. But there are some things, which you should know before consuming banana.

A rich amount of fiber is found inside bananas, if you consume more bananas, then you may have to face problems like gas and flatulence in the stomach.

Apart from this, potassium, zinc, and magnesium are also rich in bananas. If there is an excess of these minerals in the body, then it can be prone to problems like hyperkalemia.

To avoid all this, you should always consume bananas in controlled amounts. Because if any thing is eaten in excess, it causes harm.

Banana Fruit FAQ

Is it okay to eat a banana every day?

Consuming one to two bananas per day is considered beneficial for health. It provides many essential nutrients to the body. But you should always keep in mind its quantity while eating banana. Never consume it more than a controlled mantra.

Does banana increase belly fat?

No, banana does not increase belly fat. It is a versatile fruit, which is used for weight loss and weight control. Banana should be eaten for breakfast instead of cookies, or other times. Carbohydrates are found in abundance in it. It is mostly consumed before exercising.

Which banana is good for health?

If you want to consume banana for health, then ripe brown colored banana is best. Most antibiotics are found inside it. It fulfills the deficiency of nutrients in the daily routine of the body. Banana can also be consumed as a snack.

Is Banana Milkshake Good For Health?

If you want to reduce your weight, or want to keep yourself fit, then you can consume banana milkshake. In this you get nutrients with high calorie and high fat. Banana milkshake can also be consumed as a diet. People who are allergic to bananas should avoid banana milkshakes.

Is a raw banana a vegetable?

Raw bananas are strong, they cannot be eaten raw. Raw bananas are eaten cooked as a vegetable. Raw bananas are consumed as a staple food in tropical regions.

Is green banana good for health?

Green bananas provide more nutrients than yellow or ripe bananas. Digestion is strengthened by the consumption of green bananas. Although some people find the taste of green banana bitter, but it is beneficial for health.