After ms word and ms excel, the most used software is powerpoint, which is an important tool in the Microsoft Office suite, but many people do not know how to use it or what can be its best uses so that they can use it. be able to benefit A question that is often asked is what is powerpoint used for?

So let me tell you these uses are limited to your imagination power, creativity and powerpoint skills.

Below I am telling you 9 such uses of powerpoint, knowing which will increase your powerpoint skills as well as you will also learn to earn money.

9 Creative Uses of PowerPoint

  1. Create a Lesson
  2. Creating Videos
  3. Make a Visual Resume
  4. Present Your Ideas
  5. Create Animations
  6. Create Your Logo
  7. Make Speaker Notes
  8. Create eBooks
  9. Earn Money

Let us now understand each one in detail one by one.

#1 Create a Lesson

Powerpoint is widely used in the field of education. This versatile tool is used to deliver lectures from schools to universities.

If you are a school teacher and you have digital education system in your school then you can prepare chapters using MS powerpoint for daily class preparation.

Anyway, visuals, video and animation have more impact than text. Therefore, the use of powerpoint in school teaching can prove to be effective. Provided that the facility of computer and digital equipment is present in the school.

You can explain each chapter in detail by preparing a chapter-wise presentation. Students learn more quickly by watching.

#2 Creating Videos

You can also make videos from powerpoint. You may not digest this thing the first time. But, it is true. You can also create videos from powerpoint.

  • To make a video, first you have to prepare a simple presentation. The way you usually do. In the same way, first prepare a presentation.
  • After this, instead of saving the presentation, you have to export it from the available options.
  • When you export, you get the option of video. By making the necessary settings, you will be able to save the presentation in the video. And your video is ready.

Apart from exporting presentations in video format, PowerPoint also provides built-in screen recorder, with the help of which you can also record computer screen.

Screen Recording in PowerPoint

You will find this tool in the Media group of the Insert tab of Powerpoint. You can start screen recording by activating it by clicking on it.

#3 Make a Visual Resume

It is everyone’s dream to get a good job after completing studies. And the door of this job passes through an important piece of paper.

What you have learned, skills you have acquired, awards you have won, your other achievements and hobbies, all this information is given by the resume to the potential employer. And from this it is found out about you whether you will be fit for them or not?

Therefore, the resume should be attractive, unique and match your personality.

For this work, you can prove yourself apart from other people by creating a great and unique digital animated resume using powerpoint.

  • Take a blank slide and first give your name, address and contact information in it.
  • After this, one by one by applying animation, give information about qualifications, additional skills, hobbies etc.
  • Avoid using more bright colors and do not make them colorful. Do not use more than one or two colors.
  • Yes, use animations and transitions extensively to present every detail.

#4 Present Your Ideas

With powerpoint you can use powerpoint to share your thoughts on anything at work, school, college or at home.

This tool provides you all the facilities with which you can keep your point in a strong way and can also convince people.

#5 Create Animations

Powerpoint is not just a tool to decorate text. You can animate different types of graphics, shapes, charts, etc.

Animation tabs are provided for this task, in which you get to animate dozens of style items.

You can animate all the items in a slide individually. You can give each item a great entry and exit by setting Entrance & Existing.

#6 Create Your Logo

Creating Animated logo with PowerPoint

The identity of any business is its logo mark. You will tell by looking at the cut apple that it is Apple Inc. ‘s logo. Looking at the shoes, we will tell that this shoe belongs to NIKE company.

Similarly, there are hundreds of people who have been successful in creating an image of the company on the minds and hearts of the people. Therefore, if you also want to make a logo, then you can create an animated logo with the help of powerpoint.

You must have a pre-made logo that you want to animate. Only then use powerpoint.

  • To animate your logo, you must first separate all the items used in the logo.
  • After this, animate the logo the way you want to animate the logo, using animate and effects on each element.

#7 Make Speaker Notes

Speaking on stage is the second biggest fear of man.

Do not be surprised, we humans are most afraid of speaking on stage after death. Not everyone can speak on stage. It may take years to roll papads to become a master of the stage. Only then will you be able to become a skilled speaker.

Those who are skilled orators use various techniques to deliver their speech. One of which is to give your statement through powerpoint presentation.

Yes. Nowadays, through the presentation, the speaker speaks his point. With this tool, there is no need for them to remember the entire speech. Because, they divide their speech into small points through slides. Which are presented in front of the audience by sliding the slides forward.

If you also have to speak somewhere, then you can prepare yourself to give your speech by preparing a presentation. This is a very effective tool for this task.

#8 Create eBooks

Another creative use is to create books with powerpoint. Not every writer knows about this. You can easily create eBooks with this tool.

I myself have prepared many books with the help of this tool. So, I am sharing this usage for you after full faith and trying.

To create e-books, you can type your text like MS Word, as well as add attractive graphics to the e-book, which is only possible to a limit in a text editor program.

#9 Earn Money

How to make money from powerpoint?

Are you also surprised to read this question? Or are you wondering how can I earn money from powerpoint?

So let me tell you how you can earn money from powerpoint and get success in making it a means of employment for yourself.

  • Teach others:- The first way is to teach others to operate powerpoint. You can start this work from offline to online. You can teach PowerPoint using mediums like YouTube, online courses and e-books.
  • Job :- Another way is to join a graphic agency or organization and earn money there by doing jobs related to powerpoint.
  • Freelancing :- If you want to earn money online then freelancing is a great way for this. You can take a project by registering yourself by visiting various online freelancing platforms and get money by completing the work online and submitting it.

what have you learned?

In this article, I have told you about 9 best and creative uses of powerpoint. Which you will use, you will surprise your friends as well as work colleagues.

Along with this, you have also been told how to earn money from powerpoint so that you can make a career along with pocket money by learning powerpoint.

I hope you like this article and prove useful to you.

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Day by day, as we know that technologies are becoming very advanced, which is benefiting people all over the world, today you can talk to your friend or any person sitting at home through face calling.

Almost everyone knows about video calling, but many times you use those applications for video calling, in which good quality is not available, then in this blog we are going to talk on this topic, which application is good for video calling. in which you get better quality

This feature has a very popular one whose name and use you might know – video calling or video chat.

Today video calling has become so accessible that every person will be able to video chat with their relatives, relatives, friends and friends. made this job easy video calling apps has.

Video calling apps are those tools with the help of which we are able to facilitate video calling in full HD video quality without spending money.

Hundreds of such apps are available in App Stores but, I am here to give you only 7 Best Video Calling Apps I will give information about which are the most used and popular at the moment.

7 Best Video Calling Apps for Android Mobile

  1. Facebook Messenger
  2. WhatsApp
  3. Telegram
  4. Google Duo
  5. Skype
  6. Google Meet
  7. Signal

#1 Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is a very popular and trendy video calling app. Which is very much liked in India. This is a part of the Facebook app which is available through a separate app.

This app can be downloaded from play store for free for android mobiles. If you want to do video calling from desktop, you can do so by activating Messenger through the Facebook website.

There is no better app than this to video chat with Facebook friends. You can share not only video chat but also Text Message, Stickers, GIFs, Animations with friends.

Facebook Messenger Chat Screen

Along with this, you can talk with friends by decorating your face with different types of stickers.

You do not have to register separately to use Messenger. You can also use Messenger through your Facebook account.

Play Store Installation – 5,000,000,000+
Rating 4 Stars
Download Facebook Messenger

#2 WhatsApp

WhatsApp was bought by Facebook in 2014. Since then its popularity has increased further. This is a popular instant messaging app in the world which is most liked in Asian countries.

But, the video calling feature of WhatsApp is also very useful and enables users to make video calls in one tap.

WhatsApp Video Calling

Its simple easy-to-use interface is also liked by the common literate people because, they do not need any special degree to use it. In just one touch, they can talk face-to-face with their relatives.

To start a video chat, you do not have to send any invite, just touch on the contact and by tapping on the video icon, video calling starts. It’s that simple.

Play Store Installation – 5,000,000,000+
Rating 4.1 Stars
Download WhatsApp

#3 Telegram

You must have heard the name of Telegram and probably now it will also be installed in your mobile phone. Because, due to the privacy dispute of WhatsApp, there was a boom in the number of Telegram users.

This app is also an app similar to WhatsApp, which provides the facility of instant messaging. However, its cloud storage sets it apart from WhatsApp and other instant messaging apps.

All your data is on the Telegram server, there is no effect on the phone memory. Its video calling feature is also slowly becoming popular.

Telegram Video Calling Screen

Because, the number of video chats can be up to 1000 and audio calling is unlimited. Also, you can share the screen of the device which is either missing in other apps or has to be paid for.

Apart from common users, freelancers, teachers, schools, are using it for business meetings.

App Installation – 500,000,000+
Rating 4.3 Stars
Download Telegram

#4 Google Duo

Due to being a product of Google, its number may be high but, its number of active users is less. Behind this number are Android devices which are also dominated by Google.

Well let’s talk about its video calling features and experience. This app has also managed to make its place in the best video calling app.

Google Duo Video Calling Screen

Learning from apps like Google Hangouts, Orkut, Google has made this app very easy and fast. Users can do full HD video calling for free with clean voice.

Being a native app of Android, you get it in every Android device. Hence, the issue of availability of users gets over. You will not have to tell before doing video chat that download this app.

Apart from this, you can also record and send video messages for offline users, which is a unique feature.

App Installation – 1,000,000,000+
Rating 4.4 Stars
Download Google Duo

#5 Skype

Skype Video Calling Screen

This app, which has been available on desktop for years, is available for mobile devices as well. Microsoft users are using it well and have become accustomed to it.

But, it is less popular among Android users. This popularity is less among common users. But, this name is not new for Employee and Business.

Therefore, Android users also use it. Skype is one of the best video calling apps for virtual meetings, online interviews, webinars, etc.

App Installation – 1,000,000,000+
Rating 4.3 Stars
Download Skype

#6 Google Meet

Due to being a product of Google, its popularity has been awarded only 3.9 stars. You can guess for yourself that this app is running due to the dominance of Google. Otherwise, apps like WhatsApp and Telegram will not allow it to last.

Nevertheless, this app is a suitable product for business purpose and webinars, virtual seminars because, you do not have to speak to install the app, only share the link of the meeting.

The user who clicks on the link of Google Meet joins the meeting. If the app is not installed, then Google automatically installs it.

Google Meet Video Calling Screen

App Installation – 100,000,000+
Rating 3.9 Stars
Download Google Meet

#7 Signal

Your data is also your wealth.

In this digital world, this is not just a proverb, but a fact that is well known to tech companies. Which they have been using for years. And also earning unlimited money.

Signal App has entered with the promise of protecting this data. This app has also been developed by the founders of WhatsApp. Who now wants to focus on the privacy of the users.

The app is not very popular yet. Therefore, you can hardly do video chat with friends.

Signal Video Calling Screen

If you want to save your personal data and care about privacy, then you can try Signal.

App Installation – 50,000,000+
Rating 4.4 Stars
Download Signal App

what have you learned?

In this article, I have given you information about 7 best video calling apps. You know what are the top video chatting apps for Android mobile.

Together you know how many users of the apps included in the list of best video calling apps are and how much they are liked in app stores.

I hope you like this article and prove useful to you.

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It becomes very difficult to work in a computer or laptop when junk files come in your system, saying junk files means unwanted which you are not using.

Actually, during working, many people do not pay attention to the fact that they have to remove unwanted documents, so this blog will tell about an easy method by which you can delete unwanted files without consuming much time.

basically In this blog, we will learn how to delete files from command prompt, you will see the following steps by scrolling down.

Also to delete this extra data we Windows Command Prompt can also use. Which is being explained in detail below.

Temp Files Delete why do?

    • Increase in computer performance: Temp files greatly affect computer performance. The computer creates temp files for current use. It’s useless after the job is done. Therefore, unnecessary pressure keeps falling on the computer. After deleting them, this pressure is removed. Due to which the computer performance increases.
  • More Memory: Temp files are saved in our computer only. You can see them in the app folder and in the Temp directory. By deleting temp files, a lot of memory becomes available to you.
  • Fast Speed: As told above that this temp data affects the computer performance. Due to which the speed is also affected. Processing these additional files saves time which is helpful in increasing the speed of each app.

Deleting Temp Files Using Command Prompt?

    • Step: #1 – Open Command Prompt
  • Step: #2 – Type %SystemRoot%explorer.exe %temp% in Command Prompt
  • Step: #3 – Press Enter
  • Step: #4 – View and Select Temp Files
  • Step: #5 – Delete Temp Files

If you repeat the above mentioned process step-by-step, then all the temp files will be deleted from the computer. If you are facing trouble in repeating this process, then I am explaining each step in detail below.

#1 Open Command Prompt

First of all, you have to open a software in the computer named Windows Command Prompt. To open it, repeat the steps given below.

  • Click on Start
  • Search by typing cmd in the search box
  • And click on Command Prompt from the search result
Opening Command Prompt

If, you are not able to open the command prompt with these steps, then how do you open the software in the computer. You can take the help of this tutorial.

How to open software in computer?

#2 Type %SystemRoot%explorer.exe %temp% in Command Prompt

When the command prompt is open in front of you, then you have to type the following text with the help of keyboard. Type this text exactly. A single letter mistake will spoil the whole process. So, type each letter carefully.

If you want, you can also copy and paste the following text into the command prompt.

%SystemRoot%explorer.exe %temp%
Typing Commands in Command Prompt

#3 Press Enter

After typing this command completely, you press the Enter button from the keyboard. Before pressing this button, make sure that you have typed the command correctly.

#4 View and Select Temp Files

On pressing enter, the Temp Folder will open in front of you. Here you will get all the temp files. which you keyboard Ctrl + A You can select by pressing the keyboard shortcut key.

Selecting Files

#5 Delete Temp Files

Now you have selected all the temp files. If you want to skip a file, click on it and remove it from the selection.

To delete the files, press the keyboard Delete button or Right Click and click on Delete from the available options.

Delete Button in Right Click Menu

Doing this will delete all the temp files.

So in this way you can delete temp files by command prompt and increase the performance of your computer.

what have you learned?

In this tutorial you have learned how you can easily delete files using command prompt. I hope this post will be helpful for you.

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