If you are using Hostgator web hosting for the first time, then you may have a little problem in installing WordPress, but there is nothing to worry about, in this blog you will be told how to install WordPress in an easy way in web hosting

How to get started?

If you want to create your WordPress site, first you need a domain name and web hosting.

Since I wrote this post about installing WordPress on HostGator, I recommend that you purchase a web hosting plan from HostGator. The modest web hosting plan at HostGator starts at $ 2.75 a month, which is enough to build a WordPress website.

Friends, at HostGator you will see two types of web hosting: one will not write web hosting, and the other will write WordPress hosting. If you are going to create your first website, do not be confused between the two and choose a simple web hosting because the price is much cheaper than WordPress hosting.

HostGator gives you a free domain name with its plan. However, you can get this free domain if you pay for this plan for a year or more.

If you choose a monthly or quarterly plan without buying an annual plan on HostGator, then in this case you will not get a free domain and you will have to buy your own domain name.

Where to buy domain name?

While there are many domain registrars on the internet, I have only selected two of the best domain registrars for which you can purchase domain names. These are land registrars:

Both of these land providers are very popular. With it, you can register the domain you want. They both offer you a domain name at very low prices, then be sure to visit their websites once and buy your domain name where you can get a better deal.

Personally, I like Namecheap better because its plans are very cheap and will also give you free domain privacy along with your domain.

If you want to make money on your website or if you want to work on it for a long time, you should buy good domain like .com, .in, .net, .org, etc.

If you need more information about a domain name or want to know how to choose a good domain name, you can click on the link below.

I have provided very detailed information about the domain name in the post mentioned below, so be sure to read this post before purchasing a domain name. You will love this post very much.

Once you have purchased your domain name and web hosting plan, all you have to do is log in to your web host’s cPanel and install WordPress. Your website will be created as soon as WordPress is installed.

WordPress Installation From cPanel:

After purchasing the domain name and hosting, you are given a control panel (cpanel), through which you can control your website.

* After purchasing the hosting, the login details and nameservers are received by you by e-mail.

If you have not bought the domain name from HostGator. So you have to connect the nameservers given by HostGator to your domain account.

You can click on the link given below to get information on how to connect your Domain Name to Hosting cPanel.

Once your domain name is linked to your hosting cPanel, you can install WordPress on your HostGator hosting.

How to Install WordPress?

After adding the nameservers to the domain account, login to your control panel. You will get the login details on your email.

cpanel login in HostGator Web Hosting

After login to the control panel, click on WordPress installer.

WordPress installer in hostgator cpanel

Fill all your details carefully and click on install. WordPress will be installed in no time.

WordPress Installation Form in HostGator hosting cpanel

After installing WordPress, you will get the username and password of your website through email.

successful wordpress installation on hostgator hosting

With this username and password, you will be able to log in to the admin area of ​​your WordPress. Please do not share your username and password with anyone.

WordPress Login Form

After logging in, you can make your website amazing in your own way on WordPress.

There are many themes available on WordPress which are absolutely free. By using these themes, you can make your website very attractive.

WordPress Themes

On WordPress, you can use plugins that can bring many new features to your website. The work of every plugin is different, so use them according to your needs.

WordPress Plugins

After 0 plugins it comes to pages. It is very important for you to create pages on your website such as Home Page, About Us, Contact Us, Private Policy, Disclaimer, Terms and Conditions etc.

In the eyes of Google, it is very important to have these pages on your website.

In order for your website to be visible in search engines soon, you need to connect your website to Google search console. Even if you do not do this, then it will not make much difference because Google will keep your website. Will find it. However, if you connect your website to Google Search Console then it will be good for you.

On WordPress, you can write your own content, apply beautiful themes, use plugins. This is a very powerful platform that you can use according to your own needs.

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If you want to remove WordPress Author URL from your WordPress website or blog, then this blog is for you. In this blog you will be told about some easy steps so that you will be able to change WordPress Author URL easily.

Removing your username from the author URL in WordPress is very easy and there are two ways:

  1. via plugin
  2. via database

Friends, the plugins available at the time of writing this post were all outdated plugins so I am not mentioning them here and anyway for this small task to keep a plugin on my website forever is not a good idea in any way. Seems like.

The fewer the plugins, the better. So let us now know in another way how we can remove username from our author URL with the help of our database.

checking username in author URL in WordPress

How to remove username from your author URL through database?

  • For this, first you login to your cpanel.
  • Then go to the bottom and find the section named DATABASES.
  • In the section named databases, you will find a link to PhpMyAdmin.
  • Click this link.
finding PhpMyAdmin in cPanel
  • As soon as you click on PhpMyAdmin a new window will open.
  • In this, the names of the databases of all your websites will be shown to you in one side.
  • Whatever is the database of your website, there will be a + button next to it, click on it.
finding your database in PhpMyAdmin
  • As soon as you click on +, you will be shown all the tables in that database.
  • You have to find one of these tables named _users.
  • The name of your database will be written before users. Suppose the name of your database is book then the name of this table will be book_users. I have hidden the database name of my website for security reasons. Still you can find your table with the help of below picture.
Finding Users Table In PhpMyAdmin
  • Once you have found your table, click on it.
  • Now you will see the row and column of that table on the right side.
  • Out of these, you have to change your username given below user_nicename. For this, you double click on your username and write anything in place of username. If you want, you can also change this name by using the edit button.
changing the user nicename in PhpMyAdmin to remove username from author link

When you change this name, you will see that your author URL has changed. I have entered my name in this field so you can also enter your name in your author link.

You can see in the below picture that now my website is not showing my username in my author link.

Username removed from author URL in WordPress

In this blog we learned how you can change the author url of your wordpress, hope this blog will be helpful for you, if you are facing any problem related to this then you can ask in the comment section.


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Most of the time, when we post a message on WordPress, the url of our post is automatically generated, which is not good at all and could have the wrong effect on our visitors, as well as being wrong accordingly.

For example, below is the link below made by WordPress for one of my posts.

Friends, you can clearly see that the connection to this post is bad and we can’t guess what our role is.

Friends, if we look at this link in terms of SEO, our advertising link is not easy for SEO, so because of this link it can be difficult to put our publication in order.

That’s why many professional bloggers don’t use such URLs.

The types of URLs that professional bloggers use give you information about content as well as advertising-related keywords, which will help them rank their websites.

So friends, tell us in this post today how we can change the URL in our WordPress post.

How do I change the URL of a WordPress note?

Friends, changing a WordPress mail URL is very easy. All you need to do is do the following:

  • First, visit your WordPress site.
  • Then hover your mouse over the settings in the left menu and click Permanent Links in the list. The image below can help you if you need it.
Selecting Permalinks from Settings in WordPress
  • Now you will reach the Permalinks Settings page.
  • On this page, you will see many types of permalinks under Common Settings. From these, you can choose the permalink according to your mind.
Changing Permalinks in WordPress
  • I use Permalink with Post Name because it directly connects the heading of my post to my post link after my domain name. You can see an example of this in the URL of this post which goes something like this:
  • Friends, when you have selected the permalink of your choice, then go to the bottom and click on the button of Save Changes. This will save your settings.
  • Now you can see the newly generated permalinks of your posts.

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If you want to create a website but you do not have any experience in coding, then don’t worry, there is a much better solution for you, so that you will be able to create websites easily without coding knowledge and experience.

So basically we are going to talk about a css software whose name is WordPress which is very popular all over the world, with the help of this css software you can design the website by simply drag and drop.

In this blog, you will be told in complete detail how you can easily create a website with the help of WordPress.

How to create a website in WordPress?

If you are not a technical person, you might think that creating a WordPress site is a very difficult task. But I assure you that creating a website in WordPress is very simple and anyone with a non-technical background can easily create a website.

Friends, you only need two things to create a WordPress site:

Web hosting service
Domain name

Besides buying these two things, the third and final thing you need to do is install WordPress on your web hosting. Your site will be created as soon as you install WordPress on web hosting.

At the end of this post, I provided a link to a post on how to install WordPress on your web hosting. So do not forget to visit that post.

So let’s learn about web hosting first.


Friends, just as we need a home to live on earth, we also need a website to live on the Internet, which we call web hosting.

Web hosting is actually a server that stores all the files on our site.

When a person enters the name of our site into the web browser of their computer or mobile phone, that server enters the files of our site into their web browser in response to this request from the person similar to our site. .

Friends, there are many types of web hosting, but we only need shared hosting to run a website. Looking at the popularity of WordPress, many companies today have started offering new types of web hosting which we call WordPress hosting.

Friends, WordPress hosting is also shared hosting, but the only difference is that in this type of hosting, the server is optimized for WordPress to increase the performance of web pages built on WordPress.

So if you hear the name WordPress hosting somewhere, do not be confused. This is also a type of shared hosting.

Friends, there are many more types of web hosting that are good for high traffic sites or other types of sites. If you want complete information about web hosting and its types, you can click on the link below.

So friends, now you need to know that we need web hosting to create a WordPress site. But where did we buy this web hosting? And is it too expensive?

Where to buy web hosting?

Friends, there are many companies that offer web hosting on the Internet, but we should only buy hosting from the best companies among them.

The advantage of buying web hosting from a good company is that they always maintain your site online and at the same time provide very good support when you need it.

Friends, I have chosen for you the best company from which you can buy web hosting.

Miles Webb
A2 hosting

Friends, in today’s world, SiteGround is considered to be the best web hosting company for WordPress. So if you only have to go with the best company, you will only buy web hosting from SiteGround.

Another company is Fastcomet. Provides shared cloud hosting. Cloud hosting also has its benefits, which you can read by clicking the link below.

Friends, my site is hosted on a FastComet server and has provided me with the best web hosting to date. His web hosting plan is also cheaper than SiteGround, so you can choose it as an option. The post I wrote to install WordPress on my hosting via CPanel was written using my own cPanel.

Miles Web is an Indian company offering web hosting in India and other countries. His web hosting plans are also very cheap and hosting is also very good. They provide very good support. Friends, if you are having a hard time paying for these businesses, buy web hosting from MilesWeb. This allows you to easily pay.

For your information, however, I would like to tell you that there may be payment issues on the websites of foreign companies. You pay for it with a credit card. Or use a debit card that can be paid for on an international website. I took a debit card from ICICI that can make payments on international sites.

Friends, the fourth company is A2 hosting. This is a very well known web hosting company. His web hosting plans are also very cheap and this company offers you a great web hosting experience. So if you want, you can also buy web hosting here.

Today, web hosting is available very cheaply so that anyone can easily create their own website.

Domain name:

Friends, just like people know us by name, our site has a name we call a domain. Such as or etc. So you also need to buy a domain name for your site


Many companies give you domain for free with their web hosting plan. But I would urge you to always buy the domain from another company. It has two advantages.

  1. The website is easy to transfer.
  2. If your website gets hacked then at least you will have access to your domain. It is quite difficult to hack both web hosting and domain account simultaneously.

Where to buy a domain?

Friends, even though many companies sell domains online, I would suggest you buy domains from NameCheap.

I like Namecheap because it offers very cheap domains. Secondly, it gives you free domain privacy that you have to buy elsewhere. Anyway. However, for other domains, it gives you free domain privacy.

Another company where you can buy domains is Godaddy. This is also a good option, but I prefer face chips more.

To install WordPress:

Friends, if you buy these two things, you are ready to build your site. Now all you have to do is install WordPress on your web hosting, then launch your site.

You can install WordPress on your cPanel web hosting. I wrote a complete post to install WordPress from cPanel that you are reading. This post is very detailed and I used a lot of images in it so you can easily install WordPress from your host panel.

But if you still have problems installing WordPress, you can contact me. You can use the contact form on my site to contact me.

You can click on the link below to install WordPress on your web hosting.

How do we install WordPress from cPanel? (Recommended)

So friends, how do you like this post? If you like this post, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel where I share a lot of information about this work. So visit my YouTube channel once.

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If you want to hide your name in WordPress, you need to follow simple steps to learn about this blog.

Most of the time, when you create a website with WordPress, by default, most things are not done by us and similarly, when you set up, your username is replaced by your name in the post. Comes, which sounds amazing.

So if you want your blog post to appear professionally, it’s important to have your own name instead of your own.

To do this, you must follow simple steps, which you will see as you go down.

In the picture below you can see that my website shows your name as opposed to my name which doesn’t look good or safe. So it is very important to fix it.

wordpress showing username insted of author name

How to hide your username in WordPress? 

Follow the points given below to fix this problem.

  • First of all login to your WordPress website.
  • Now click on Users from the menu appearing in the corner.
  • You will see three options in Users – All Users, Add New and Your Profile
  • From this select Your Profile.
selecting your profile from users in WordPress dashboard
  • Now come down a little bit.
  • Here you will see 4 fields – First Name, Last Name, Nickname (Required) and Display Name Publicly As.
changing user profile to show your name instead of your WordPress username
  • Enter your first and last name in the first and second fields. In the third field, you enter your name that you like or it is the name that you want people to know you by.
  • Now select the name from the list in the fourth field that you want your website to show.
  • After filling all the fields, you move towards the bottom and click on Update Profile.
updating user profile to hide WordPress username
  • Now go to your website and refresh/reload the page.
  • Now you can see that your username has been removed from your website.
author name successfully changed

Before you leave here, I want to tell you something related to this.

That way, your website will show your name instead of your username. But there is a problem with that. You navigate your browser over the name that appears on your website.

As you do this you will see the author’s URL displayed in the lower corner. In simple words, a link will appear with your username. It is also not good to follow security because it allows anyone to know your personal name.


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If you are creating a website on WordPress and you want to install it from cpanel, then this is a very simple process which will be told to you by this blog, in fact those who are new to the world of website designing or development, they can do this work a bit. Understand critical but it is not so, in this blog you will be told about some simple steps, so that you will be able to easily install WordPress from cpanel

How to Install WordPress from cPanel?

Friends, it is very easy to install WordPress from your cPanel. For this you just have to follow the points given below.

First of all login to your cPanel.

After this you go to the bottom where you will see a section named Softaculous Apps Installer.

From this section click on WordPress. You can refer to the image below for help.

Installing WordPress from cPanel using Softaculous Apps Installer

As soon as you click on WordPress, you will be taken to the WordPress Installer page of Softaculous.

On this page you will see a button named Install Now. You have to click this button.

Installing WordPress from cPanel

As soon as you click on the Install Now button, a WordPress installation form will open, which you will have to fill.

The first section in this form will be that of Software Setup.

Software Setup:

In this, in the first field, you have to choose the latest version of WordPress. By Default This version is set to the latest, but if you want, you can change it and install any old version of WordPress.

Now friends, the second field in this section will be the Installation URL. In this you will find 3 sections. You must first select the protocol for your domain.

Software setup in WordPress Installation

If you have installed SSL Certificate on your domain, then select https: otherwise you choose http:.

Friends, you can install SSL Certificate anytime, so if you have not installed SSL Certificate on your domain then do not worry. You can do this later also. and one more thing,

I recommend you to install Cloudflare’s free SSL Certificate on your domain because it has many benefits which I will tell you in Cloudflare’s SSL Installation post.

That’s why you can also subscribe to my website so that you can get information about my every new post.

Friends, now you will see two types of protocols in http: and https: also. One http: and one http://www. Similarly you will see two protocols for https: one https: and the other https://www.

Friends, if you choose only http: then your domain will look something like this – and if you go to http://www. Your domain will look something like this –

Similarly, if you choose the option with https, then instead of just http, https will come, everything else will remain the same.

Now friends, in this you have to choose the protocol according to you. I like domains without WWW so I have chosen the http: protocol. You can also check my website’s domain. In this you will not see www.

There is no difference on SEO from www and without www, then you can choose any protocol.

Friends, in this now you have to select your domain in the second section.

In this, you have to select the URL on which you want to install WordPress. Like I wanted to make this website, then I chose my domain ‘’.

Friends, if you do not see your domain in this field, then it means that you have not yet connected your domain to your cPanel.

You can click on the link given below to get information about how to connect your domain to cPanel.

Now friends, the third section you will see in this field is In Directory. Friends, if you see something written in this field, then remove it and leave this field empty.

If you do not leave this field blank, a separate directory will be created in your domain. For example, if you write WP in this field, then the domain of your website will look something like this – which will also not be good in terms of SEO. So keep in mind that we have to leave this field empty.

Now friends, the next section you will see will be Site Settings.

Site Settings:

In this section you will see three fields. The first field will ask for the name of the website, the second will be the description or tagline of your website and the third will be a checkbox field which will ask you to enable the Multisite feature.

Friends, you have to enter the name of your website in the first field, description in the second and leave the third field unchecked. You can also refer to the image below for help.

site settings in softaculous WordPress Installer

Now the third section of our form will be that of admin account.

Admin Account:

Friends, in this section you have to set an admin username and password for your website. Also you have to enter an admin email.

This admin email will also be used for your password recovery, so you just enter a current email address in it.

admin account settings for WordPress in softaculous apps installer

Friends, here I want to tell you one important thing that you should enter your username and password as hard as you can. And don’t forget to keep your username as admin.

Hackers attack the most brute force on the name of admin, so you should put some other username instead of admin. Also, write down your admin username and password in a safe place.

Two important posts that you should read:

Friends, now let’s talk about our fourth section.

Choose Language:

In this section, you just have to choose the language for your website, then you choose English in it. If you want to make a website in Hindi also, then let it remain English only.

Language settings for WordPress installation in softaculous apps installer

Our fifth section is Select Plugins.

Select Plugins:

Friends, in this you will be told three plugins that you can install with WordPress. However, I advise you not to install any of the three plugins. In my upcoming posts and Youtube videos, I will tell you which plugins you have to use and which are not.

So you must subscribe to my blog and YouTube channel so that you can reach the information of my every post and video.

plugins installer in softaculous apps installer

Now our sixth section is that of Advanced Options.

Advanced Options:

You will see 6 fields in the section with friends advanced options. In the first field you can change the name of your database. Friends, I would advise you to keep the name of your database that you remember and write it in a copy.

The second field is of table prefix. Whatever name you enter in it, the names of the rows and columns of the tables of your database will start with that name. If you do not understand this, then you can leave it like this also.

Leave the third field Disable Update Notifications Emails unchecked.

The fourth field is Auto Upgrade. Friends, this field will ask you whether you want to update your WordPress website automatically whenever a new version is released or you would like to update by yourself.

Friends, it depends on you how you want to update. I like to keep my website on automatic update, so I choose the third option from this.

advanced options for WordPress installation in softaculous apps installer

The fifth and sixth fields ask you to install WordPress Plugin and WordPress Themes on auto update. In this, you should put WordPress Plugins on auto update but do not install WordPress Themes and leave its checkbox unchecked.

Now comes our seventh and last section of themes.

Select Theme:

Friends, you can select any of the themes given below for your website. If you do not select any of these themes, then the latest theme of WordPress will be automatically installed in your website.

I do not choose any of the themes given below. However you can if you want.

select WordPress theme in softaculous apps installer

Friends, below the themes, you will see a field where you will have to enter your email address. You will be sent the details of your WordPress installation on this email, so please enter your email.

After entering the email, you just have to press the Install button and WordPress will be installed on your web hosting.

As soon as WordPress is installed, you will see a successful installation page and you will also get an email related to your installation on your given email.

Now friends you can login to your website and start working on your website.

After installing WordPress, your website will look like this:

How your website looks like after installing WordPress from your cPanel

To login to your website, you just have to write /wp-login.php next to your domain, after which you will reach the login page of your website. For example, you can see the below URL.

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In this article, we are going to know why internal linking is important for seo and how it can be done?

Basically seo mainly has two parts, one on-page seo and the other off-page seo and out of these on-page seo is considered to be very important.

With the help of on-page SEO, you are able to make your content user friendly, which not only increases their user experience, but also has a lot of impact on the traffic and authority of your website.

So let’s start…

What is Internal Linking

Linking one page to another page on the same domain is called internal linking. It connects one page to another page on your website.

You must have seen many websites linking old posts or valuable posts to new posts.

Why are internal links important for SEO?

Internal links help Google find, index and understand the pages on your site. And also improve website SEO.

In simple words, internal linking is important to rank well in Google.

Here are some benefits of internal linking:

1. Makes your content more informative

It tells search engines and users about the valuable pages of your website.

Internal linking makes your post more informative for users and it also helps the visitor to move from one page to another.

Google provides top rank to those pages which are useful to the user.

2. Helps in better index and crawl

When your blog is new, search engines do not index your website or blog as quickly. That’s why internal linking is very important.

When search engine crawlers come to your website, they follow the links to understand the site structure, what the content is about and better index.

Always do internal linking in a strong and smart way so that crawlers crawl your site deeply.

Internal linking provides a better crawling and indexing experience for search engines like Google.

If it is easier to crawl, it will rank better in the SERPs.

3. Helps In Increaing Old Post Ranking And Views

Internal links pass link juice to your old posts, which improves ranking. Also increases the pageviews of your old posts.

If you have been running a blog for a long time, you will have a large number of blog posts, and your old posts may not be getting the same good traffic and rankings anymore.

But, internal linking gives the option of reading more. If you have an old article that can provide valuable information to the reader, link it to your new article.

This is a great way to promote your old content and increase pageviews. Here is a guide – How to Promote Blog Posts After Publishing

4. Can Reduces Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is an important aspect of SEO. Your site’s bounce rate increases if visitors come to your post and exit immediately. It affects your website SEO and search engine ranking.

For better SEO, bounce rate is very important and internal linking is the best way to reduce bounce rate. It helps to keep the visitor on the website for a long time.

How to do internal linking

1. Use Keyword-Rich Anchor Text

If you want to get the most out of internal links then use Anchor Text.

Even, Google recommends using keywords in Anchor Text. This helps the user navigate and understand Google what the page you are linking to is about.

With proper anchor text, users and search engines can easily understand what the linked page is about.

Here’s the Quick Guide to Linking to Anchor Text:

  • When you use anchor text for a link, it must be descriptive and understandable.
  • Always use short text – usually a few words or a short phrase.
  • Do not use “page”, “article”, or “click here” for Words Anchor text.

2. Link with Important Pages

When you link to another page on your site, it passes the link juice to that page and helps that page rank in Google.

That is why always linking your important pages as much as you can.

Link your new post with your high-authority pages. You will get good profit from this. And also helps you to get backlinks.

3. Try to do internal linking at the beginning of the article 

When you add an internal link at the beginning of your content, it helps in reducing the bounce rate and improving the dwell time.

You can allow visitors to click through, adding 1-2 internal links at the beginning of your page.

Which means they will stay on your site longer.

Also, as you can see, I have added top post to the sidebar and footer.

4. Focus on do follow links 

If you want to give SEO value to other pages of your site through internal links, then you have to use Dofollow Links.

I have seen many bloggers who use no-follow tags for internal links. This is absolutely wrong.

Things to avoid in internal linking

Automatic internal linking tools or plugins should not be used. These are not good. Here are some reasons:

  • Plugins and tools do internal linking without understanding – which page requires the most juice or which page is the best to link.
  • Depending on the size of your site, the plugin can generate 1k+ Exact match anchor text internal links overnight. Which leads your site to penalty.
  • Internal linking helps the user to navigate to the related content on your site. But, plugins never think to add internal links whether the content is related or not!

last thought

In this article, we have learned how you can do internal linking and why it is important.

By internal linking, you optimize your website well for seo, but keep in mind that you have to try to attach links to related articles or content.

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