After ms word and ms excel, the most used software is powerpoint, which is an important tool in the Microsoft Office suite, but many people do not know how to use it or what can be its best uses so that they can use it. be able to benefit A question that is often asked is what is powerpoint used for?

So let me tell you these uses are limited to your imagination power, creativity and powerpoint skills.

Below I am telling you 9 such uses of powerpoint, knowing which will increase your powerpoint skills as well as you will also learn to earn money.

9 Creative Uses of PowerPoint

  1. Create a Lesson
  2. Creating Videos
  3. Make a Visual Resume
  4. Present Your Ideas
  5. Create Animations
  6. Create Your Logo
  7. Make Speaker Notes
  8. Create eBooks
  9. Earn Money

Let us now understand each one in detail one by one.

#1 Create a Lesson

Powerpoint is widely used in the field of education. This versatile tool is used to deliver lectures from schools to universities.

If you are a school teacher and you have digital education system in your school then you can prepare chapters using MS powerpoint for daily class preparation.

Anyway, visuals, video and animation have more impact than text. Therefore, the use of powerpoint in school teaching can prove to be effective. Provided that the facility of computer and digital equipment is present in the school.

You can explain each chapter in detail by preparing a chapter-wise presentation. Students learn more quickly by watching.

#2 Creating Videos

You can also make videos from powerpoint. You may not digest this thing the first time. But, it is true. You can also create videos from powerpoint.

  • To make a video, first you have to prepare a simple presentation. The way you usually do. In the same way, first prepare a presentation.
  • After this, instead of saving the presentation, you have to export it from the available options.
  • When you export, you get the option of video. By making the necessary settings, you will be able to save the presentation in the video. And your video is ready.

Apart from exporting presentations in video format, PowerPoint also provides built-in screen recorder, with the help of which you can also record computer screen.

Screen Recording in PowerPoint

You will find this tool in the Media group of the Insert tab of Powerpoint. You can start screen recording by activating it by clicking on it.

#3 Make a Visual Resume

It is everyone’s dream to get a good job after completing studies. And the door of this job passes through an important piece of paper.

What you have learned, skills you have acquired, awards you have won, your other achievements and hobbies, all this information is given by the resume to the potential employer. And from this it is found out about you whether you will be fit for them or not?

Therefore, the resume should be attractive, unique and match your personality.

For this work, you can prove yourself apart from other people by creating a great and unique digital animated resume using powerpoint.

  • Take a blank slide and first give your name, address and contact information in it.
  • After this, one by one by applying animation, give information about qualifications, additional skills, hobbies etc.
  • Avoid using more bright colors and do not make them colorful. Do not use more than one or two colors.
  • Yes, use animations and transitions extensively to present every detail.

#4 Present Your Ideas

With powerpoint you can use powerpoint to share your thoughts on anything at work, school, college or at home.

This tool provides you all the facilities with which you can keep your point in a strong way and can also convince people.

#5 Create Animations

Powerpoint is not just a tool to decorate text. You can animate different types of graphics, shapes, charts, etc.

Animation tabs are provided for this task, in which you get to animate dozens of style items.

You can animate all the items in a slide individually. You can give each item a great entry and exit by setting Entrance & Existing.

#6 Create Your Logo

Creating Animated logo with PowerPoint

The identity of any business is its logo mark. You will tell by looking at the cut apple that it is Apple Inc. ‘s logo. Looking at the shoes, we will tell that this shoe belongs to NIKE company.

Similarly, there are hundreds of people who have been successful in creating an image of the company on the minds and hearts of the people. Therefore, if you also want to make a logo, then you can create an animated logo with the help of powerpoint.

You must have a pre-made logo that you want to animate. Only then use powerpoint.

  • To animate your logo, you must first separate all the items used in the logo.
  • After this, animate the logo the way you want to animate the logo, using animate and effects on each element.

#7 Make Speaker Notes

Speaking on stage is the second biggest fear of man.

Do not be surprised, we humans are most afraid of speaking on stage after death. Not everyone can speak on stage. It may take years to roll papads to become a master of the stage. Only then will you be able to become a skilled speaker.

Those who are skilled orators use various techniques to deliver their speech. One of which is to give your statement through powerpoint presentation.

Yes. Nowadays, through the presentation, the speaker speaks his point. With this tool, there is no need for them to remember the entire speech. Because, they divide their speech into small points through slides. Which are presented in front of the audience by sliding the slides forward.

If you also have to speak somewhere, then you can prepare yourself to give your speech by preparing a presentation. This is a very effective tool for this task.

#8 Create eBooks

Another creative use is to create books with powerpoint. Not every writer knows about this. You can easily create eBooks with this tool.

I myself have prepared many books with the help of this tool. So, I am sharing this usage for you after full faith and trying.

To create e-books, you can type your text like MS Word, as well as add attractive graphics to the e-book, which is only possible to a limit in a text editor program.

#9 Earn Money

How to make money from powerpoint?

Are you also surprised to read this question? Or are you wondering how can I earn money from powerpoint?

So let me tell you how you can earn money from powerpoint and get success in making it a means of employment for yourself.

  • Teach others:- The first way is to teach others to operate powerpoint. You can start this work from offline to online. You can teach PowerPoint using mediums like YouTube, online courses and e-books.
  • Job :- Another way is to join a graphic agency or organization and earn money there by doing jobs related to powerpoint.
  • Freelancing :- If you want to earn money online then freelancing is a great way for this. You can take a project by registering yourself by visiting various online freelancing platforms and get money by completing the work online and submitting it.

what have you learned?

In this article, I have told you about 9 best and creative uses of powerpoint. Which you will use, you will surprise your friends as well as work colleagues.

Along with this, you have also been told how to earn money from powerpoint so that you can make a career along with pocket money by learning powerpoint.

I hope you like this article and prove useful to you.

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