If you have interest in Geography, then you will also have a lot of interest in knowing about trees, as we all know that trees are an important part of our life, without which we cannot survive. If they give more oxygen, then in this blog we will know about the information related to this, from the angle that there are 70 such trees which provide you more oxygen, hope you will enjoy knowing.

10 Trees Name With Pictures 

The tree fulfills the needs of man. If he builds his house, he cuts wood from trees and makes furniture for the house. When he is hungry, he plucks the fruit from the tree and eats it. Trees keep the earth’s atmosphere pure. We get oxygen from them. So let’s know, the names of trees, Tree Name in Hindi and complete information about them –

1. Mango Tree

Mango tree is very big in size, Mango is a succulent fruit, it is called the king of fruits in India. Scientific name of mango is Mangifera Indica. Initially, its species was found only in the Indian subcontinent. But slowly this whole world failed. Even at present, maximum mango production is done in India itself. The second largest producer of mango is China.

2. Banyan Tree

Banyan tree is very big. Its tree is called Banyan Tree in English, apart from this it is also called Vat Vriksha or Bad Tree. Its scientific name is Ficus benghalensis. The trunk of this tree is very hard and strong. When this tree grows up, its branches start coming out of the roots of the tree. And it starts hanging in the air. When someone breaks a leaf or branches from a banyan tree, a milk-like substance is released from its plant, which is called lactous acid.

3. Neem or Margosa Tree

Neem tree is native to India, it is a medicinal tree. Its English name is Margosa Tree and Scientific Name – Azadirachta Indica. It is a deciduous tree. This tree is commonly found in the areas of the Indian continent, but in the last 150 years it has migrated from the Indian subcontinent to Africa, Australia, and sub-tropical countries. Its description is found in Indian Ayurvedic Science.

4. Jackfruit Tree

The jackfruit tree is a fruit tree, although it is a belief that jackfruit is a fruit, or a vegetable. Jackfruit tree’s English name is Jackfruit, and its scientific name is Artocarpus Altilis. It is generally native to South Asia and Southeast Asia. The fruit of jackfruit is the largest fruit in the world among the fruits on the tree. There are small thorns on the outer surface of its fruit. It is used for raw food and vegetable preparation.

5. Gulmohar Tree (Gulmohar Tree or Delonix Regia or Royal Poinciana)

The Gulmohar tree comes in the list of flowering trees, it comes in the list of both flowering and shady trees. Beautiful and attractive flowers of red color are found on it, its English name is Royal Poinciana and Scientific Name is Delonix Regia. The Gulmohar tree is believed to be native to Madagascar. According to some legends, it is believed that it was first seen by the Portuguese in Madagascar. Apart from Royal Poinciana, this tree is also known as Flam Tree. The name Gulmohar was given to the Gulmohar tree by the French. Because the word Gulmohar means flower of heaven in their language.

6. Amaltas (Golden Shower Tree, Purging Cassia, or Indian Laburnum)

Amaltas tree is found in all regions of India. This tree is not very tall, its trunk makes its circumference only about 4-5 feet. Amaltas is also known as Golden Shower, and its scientific name is Cassia Fistula. During the summer months from April to May, the entire flower is full of yellow beautiful and attractive flowers. Its flowers come in long clusters. In winter, it also bears long, black cylindrical pods on it.

7. Asoka Tree (Saraca Asoca Tree)

Ashoka tree is commonly planted in homes, schools, and roadsides to enhance the beauty. Its scientific name is Saraca Asoca. Ashoka tree is a species of deodar tree. The shape of its leaves is like that of mango leaves.

8. Maple Tree

Maple tree tree is very beautiful and attractive. Its scientific name is Acer. There are about 132 species of maple tree found all over the world. Apart from this, there are many types of maple, in which some of the main types of maple are – Japanese Maple, Red Maple, Acer Freemanii, Sugar Maple, and Norway Maple etc. A special type of syrup is extracted from the maple tree, which is used for food.

9. Apricot Tree (Apricot Tree or Armenian Plum)

Apricot tree is a fruit tree. Its fruit has kernels. It is very sweet. Apricot is grown a lot in North India and Pakistan, it is given great importance in North India. Some agricultural scientists believe about Apricot, that this fruit is being grown continuously in India for the last 5000 years. It has many species. It is rich in vitamins and fiber. Its Scientific Name is Prunus Armeniaca.

10. Ceylon Ironwood or Mesua Ferrea Tree

Nagkesar tree is an evergreen tree, it is also called Nagchampa. It is very beautiful and simple to look at. Its leaves are very thin and dense. There is a lot of shade under the Nagkesar tree in summers. Its flowers are used to make spices and medicines. Apart from this, medicines of many types of diseases are also made from the wood of Nagkesar.

List of Trees Name 

SN Tree Name in Hindi Tree Name in English
1 plum tree Indian Jujube
2 sweet neem Curry Tree
3 Ficus religiosa Bodhi Tree
4 guava tree Guava Tree
5 tamarind tree Tamarind Tree
6 pomegranate tree Pomegranate Tree
7 Coconut tree Coconut Tree
8 Fig tree Common Fig Tree
9 nutmeg tree Nutmeg Tree
10 Apple tree Apple Tree
11 Areca nut tree Areca Palm, Pinang Palm Tree
12 sandalwood tree Sandal Tree
13 jasmine tree Pagoda Tree
14 Catechu tree Acacia Tree
15 wild almonds Wild Almond Tree
16 gooseberry tree Amla Tree
17 walnut tree Walnut Tree
18 Neem tree Nim Or Margosa Tree
19 jackfruit tree Jackfruit Tree
20 Mahua tree Mohwa Tree
21 Ashoka tree Saraca Asoca Tree
22 teak tree Teak, Indian Oak Tree
23 papaya tree Papaya Tree
24 drumstick tree Drum stick / Moringa Tree
25 kachnar tree Bauhinia Variegata Tree
26 acorn tree Oak Tree
27 eucalyptus tree Eucalyptus Tree
28 sal tree Sal Tree
29 palm/cane tree Jaggery Palm, Wine Palm Tree
30 Ficus tree Ficus Religiosa Tree
31 gulmohar tree Royal Poinciana, Peacock’s Flower Tree
32 Palash/Dhak tree Flame Of The Forest Tree
33 Ashoka tree Sorrowless Tree
34 Bombax tree Red Silk Cotton Tree
35 Berry tree Java Palm, Indian Allspice Tree
36 jasmine tree Jasmine Tree, Frangipani Tree
37 The mango tree Mango Tree
38 amaltas tree Golden Shower, Purging Fistula, Indian Laburnum Tree
39 Palm tree Wild Date Palm Tree
40 hawthorn tree Cactus Tree
41 Rosewood tree Dalbergia Sissoo, Sheesham Tree
42 acacia tree Babul, Indian Gum Arabic Tree
43 Mahua tree Mohwa, Indian Butter Tree
44 pine tree Pine Tree
45 Cedar tree Cedrus Deodara, Himalayan Cedar Tree
46 banana tree Banana Tree
47 arjuna tree Queen’s Crepe Myrtle, Pride Of India
48 jackfruit tree Jackfruit Tree
49 chikoo tree Sapodilla Tree
50 bamboo tree Bamboo Tree

We have read the names of the trees given above in English and Hindi, now we know, the names of 10 fruit trees and the names of shady trees –

Names of 10 Fruit Trees 

  1. Apple Tree
  2. Orange Tree
  3. Papaya Tree
  4. Peach Tree
  5. Apricot Tree – Apricot Tree
  6. Banana Tree – Banana Tree
  7. Coconut Tree
  8. Guava Tree
  9. Mango Tree
  10. Mulberry Tree

Names of 10 Shady Trees

  1. Neem tree
  2. Ficus tree
  3. Pelkhan tree
  4. Rosewood tree
  5. The mango tree
  6. Berry tree
  7. Cedar tree
  8. gulmohar tree
  9. sal tree
  10. lilac tree

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