It becomes very difficult to work in a computer or laptop when junk files come in your system, saying junk files means unwanted which you are not using.

Actually, during working, many people do not pay attention to the fact that they have to remove unwanted documents, so this blog will tell about an easy method by which you can delete unwanted files without consuming much time.

basically In this blog, we will learn how to delete files from command prompt, you will see the following steps by scrolling down.

Also to delete this extra data we Windows Command Prompt can also use. Which is being explained in detail below.

Temp Files Delete why do?

    • Increase in computer performance: Temp files greatly affect computer performance. The computer creates temp files for current use. It’s useless after the job is done. Therefore, unnecessary pressure keeps falling on the computer. After deleting them, this pressure is removed. Due to which the computer performance increases.
  • More Memory: Temp files are saved in our computer only. You can see them in the app folder and in the Temp directory. By deleting temp files, a lot of memory becomes available to you.
  • Fast Speed: As told above that this temp data affects the computer performance. Due to which the speed is also affected. Processing these additional files saves time which is helpful in increasing the speed of each app.

Deleting Temp Files Using Command Prompt?

    • Step: #1 – Open Command Prompt
  • Step: #2 – Type %SystemRoot%explorer.exe %temp% in Command Prompt
  • Step: #3 – Press Enter
  • Step: #4 – View and Select Temp Files
  • Step: #5 – Delete Temp Files

If you repeat the above mentioned process step-by-step, then all the temp files will be deleted from the computer. If you are facing trouble in repeating this process, then I am explaining each step in detail below.

#1 Open Command Prompt

First of all, you have to open a software in the computer named Windows Command Prompt. To open it, repeat the steps given below.

  • Click on Start
  • Search by typing cmd in the search box
  • And click on Command Prompt from the search result
Opening Command Prompt

If, you are not able to open the command prompt with these steps, then how do you open the software in the computer. You can take the help of this tutorial.

How to open software in computer?

#2 Type %SystemRoot%explorer.exe %temp% in Command Prompt

When the command prompt is open in front of you, then you have to type the following text with the help of keyboard. Type this text exactly. A single letter mistake will spoil the whole process. So, type each letter carefully.

If you want, you can also copy and paste the following text into the command prompt.

%SystemRoot%explorer.exe %temp%
Typing Commands in Command Prompt

#3 Press Enter

After typing this command completely, you press the Enter button from the keyboard. Before pressing this button, make sure that you have typed the command correctly.

#4 View and Select Temp Files

On pressing enter, the Temp Folder will open in front of you. Here you will get all the temp files. which you keyboard Ctrl + A You can select by pressing the keyboard shortcut key.

Selecting Files

#5 Delete Temp Files

Now you have selected all the temp files. If you want to skip a file, click on it and remove it from the selection.

To delete the files, press the keyboard Delete button or Right Click and click on Delete from the available options.

Delete Button in Right Click Menu

Doing this will delete all the temp files.

So in this way you can delete temp files by command prompt and increase the performance of your computer.

what have you learned?

In this tutorial you have learned how you can easily delete files using command prompt. I hope this post will be helpful for you.

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