If you want to remove WordPress Author URL from your WordPress website or blog, then this blog is for you. In this blog you will be told about some easy steps so that you will be able to change WordPress Author URL easily.

Removing your username from the author URL in WordPress is very easy and there are two ways:

  1. via plugin
  2. via database

Friends, the plugins available at the time of writing this post were all outdated plugins so I am not mentioning them here and anyway for this small task to keep a plugin on my website forever is not a good idea in any way. Seems like.

The fewer the plugins, the better. So let us now know in another way how we can remove username from our author URL with the help of our database.

checking username in author URL in WordPress

How to remove username from your author URL through database?

  • For this, first you login to your cpanel.
  • Then go to the bottom and find the section named DATABASES.
  • In the section named databases, you will find a link to PhpMyAdmin.
  • Click this link.
finding PhpMyAdmin in cPanel
  • As soon as you click on PhpMyAdmin a new window will open.
  • In this, the names of the databases of all your websites will be shown to you in one side.
  • Whatever is the database of your website, there will be a + button next to it, click on it.
finding your database in PhpMyAdmin
  • As soon as you click on +, you will be shown all the tables in that database.
  • You have to find one of these tables named _users.
  • The name of your database will be written before users. Suppose the name of your database is book then the name of this table will be book_users. I have hidden the database name of my website for security reasons. Still you can find your table with the help of below picture.
Finding Users Table In PhpMyAdmin
  • Once you have found your table, click on it.
  • Now you will see the row and column of that table on the right side.
  • Out of these, you have to change your username given below user_nicename. For this, you double click on your username and write anything in place of username. If you want, you can also change this name by using the edit button.
changing the user nicename in PhpMyAdmin to remove username from author link

When you change this name, you will see that your author URL has changed. I have entered my name in this field so you can also enter your name in your author link.

You can see in the below picture that now my website is not showing my username in my author link.

Username removed from author URL in WordPress

In this blog we learned how you can change the author url of your wordpress, hope this blog will be helpful for you, if you are facing any problem related to this then you can ask in the comment section.


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